All Mulberry fans - new styles and a question...

  1. The official Mulberry site has very recently added new styles! I don´t know how to post flash-animated pics, so please follow the directions: online- new season bags-new leather bags (or coming soon).
    Some lovely bags there, I am especially intrigued by the Fitzrovia, but it is very expensive and there are hardly any pics/info around.
    AND THE QUESTION: I have resolved to buy Mulberry Annie in oak, but now the chocolate Knightsbridge from the new season bags section is making me reconsider...what do you think? which one? why? PS: I already have oak Rosemary and adore it, the Annie is different enough, but there are some similar features, whereas the Knightsbridge is very different.
    Enjoy the viewing and thank you for any advice!
  2. I got the mulberry annie in oak for christmas! i love the bag but the only thing I find is that the opening to get things in and out of the main bag is a bit restricted by the leather that folds in on the sides ( although it can be adjusted with the side buckles there is always a fold of leather inwards) i haven't seen the knightsbridge in real life but it looks like a lovely bag and the zip top would allow excellent access. the knightsbridge is lined aswell whereas the annie isn't. Not sure which way I'd sway if i had to choose between the two!!!
  3. Hi Sabina - personally I would go for the Knightsbridge as I really like the style. I've seen the bag IRL and it is a great day bag. It's quite wide but not all that deep - definitely much shallower than the Annie. It's probably more adaptable as it's easier to get into. The main difference is that it's a horizontal (east west) style bag whereas the Annie is more vertical - more of a bucket style.
    It really comes down to which one you prefer. They are both great quality and good looking bags - I've seen them side by side in the store. My choice would be the Knightsbridge but that's just my opinion. I'd say go with your gut instinct.
  4. Thank you, girls, for your input - the knightsbridge it is (if it were not the right bag for me, it would not have swayed me from the annie). I will order the knightsbridge and scheme up a plot involving my friend in the uk and the shepton m. factory shop for the other styles I desire
  5. Does it go over the shoulder ok is or is the knightsbridge more of a hand held bag?
  6. Hi everyone!

    This acctually my first post in this forum, although it is not very new to me. I think I've drooled over your top gorgeous bags for months now... :blush:

    I acctually went to Mulberry today and bought my own Fitzrovia! God I love that bag. It's the perfect size and have the softest, creme-beige colour. They got two to Mulberry at NK in Gothenburg, Sweden, and I am now the proud owner of one of them!


    The price is somewhat expensive, SEK 11990, but she's worth every single crown. In the first picture she's all dressed up in Hermès. You've got to take of them, right?







  7. She's gorgeous! Welcome Cinnamon, hope you enjoy the Pf.
  8. We went to the private Mulberry event hosted by in London last night. They were previewing/preordering the early Fall collection.

    One Word: COLOR

    Fuschia is hot, hot, hot. So is Patent. Imagine a Fuschia Patent Leather Bayswater. Talk about making a statement!

    They had several other colors, especially this gorgeous one called Emerald that looks more like a teal to me, very rich dye. And, a dusty red. They are bringing in a Silver/Platinum color and lots of patent leather.

    For my birthday, hubby said "pick something out," so I got a Belgrave in the limited-edition Tan Melange which is woven leather in different colors of brown. There's an example of the tan melange in a Bayswater and a Belgrave in plain chocolate brown on the Mulberry'll have to imagine the two together until I get some piccies. LOL The 10% discount didn't hurt, either!

    The free gift was a leather wrist strap with Mulberry stamp and Mulberry logo snap. I got the silver and hubby got the vanilla (for me). I have no idea what I'm going to do with a wrist strap. LOL

    They were serving lovely drinks and hors d'oeuvre, and within about 1/2 hour the place was so full it was hard to move. But, I'm glad I went, and can't wait to use my new Belgrave.
  9. It must have been very funny! I'd love to go to some private trunk show...
  10. handbagrocks, I always want to go to these kind of functions. Do you work in the fashion industry or you are one of the VIP at Mulberry who have to spent certain amount in the store?
  11. Actually, Londoner, neither! There was a blurb in last month's Harper's magazine about their editor's picks from Mulberry that just said to email Harper's for an invitation. I got an email saying my request was successful...I don't know whether they were selected randomly or whether everyone who emailed Harper's got one.

    It was held at the boutique on Brompton Road so we took the train into the city and spent a little time in Harrods as well. It was cool to be able to see/order the new things coming out for fall. Any orders placed last night will arrive in May, so the new styles should be in stores in May or June. There was a drawing for a free handbag, but I haven't heard from them so I guess I didn't win. :sad:

    I'm happy with my Belgrave though. It wasn't on display and was the only one they had left. Apparently it was a pre-collection (don't know what that means) and they didn't make many.
  12. Thanks handbagsrock.
  13. Wow! That's so cool you had the opportunity to attend the event! Congrats!
  14. Cinnamon,
    Your bag is amazing! Very lovely! I hope they make their way overseas soon.
  15. Beautiful bag!:yes: