ALL Minneapolis Residents Please Check in!!!!

  1. I just turned on the TV and saw the 35W bridge collapse and hope that none of our members or their families were on or near the accident.

    Please make sure to check on MN members Gr8heart, Guccidiva, Coachkatie, MNShopgirl, CK21, Louisluvsfendi and many others:sad:
  2. My family and I are OK. This is so freaking scary - this bridge is about 5 minutes from my building - I used to take it home every night. I stopped taking it at the beginning of the summer when they started construction. It's a good thing it was down to one lane on each side; otherwise it could have been much worse.
  3. I just saw pics on TV...horrifying!!! Prayers to everyone!!!

    MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota (AP) -- A four-lane interstate bridge spanning the Mississippi River collapsed during evening rush hour Wednesday, sending vehicles and tons of concrete crashing into the water.
    [​IMG] Mark Lacroix photographed the bridge collapse from his apartment window.


    The entire span of the Interstate 35W bridge collapsed about 6:05 p.m.
    A tractor-trailer caught fire, and flame and black smoke billowed into the sky.
    Local television stations captured video of injured people being carried up the riverbank.
    There was no official word on injuries, but dozens of rescue vehicles were there.
    Divers were also in the water.
    Some people were stranded on parts of the bridge that aren't completely in the water.
  4. Oh wow...that is horrible!!! I hope everyone here is accounted for!!!
  5. So glad to hear you and your family are fine. DH has a sis & family right off 35W & University, so he's looking into their well being, but I hope everyone else is safe:crybaby:
  6. One of my good friends lives near. Am trying to call her, but get the message "all lines are busy right now. Your call did not go through. Please call again later". I'm worried and scared.
  7. my sister lives in on the ND/MN border and just sent me a link to this.....absolutely horrifying. (this is actually one of my worst i didn't have bridge/overpass issues already)

    prayers to everyone and their far the news says they're finding everyone alive, so hopefully this will turn out well.
  8. I was just about to start a thread!! I've been watching for the past 20-30 minutes. I hope all the Minneapolis tPF'ers are O.K.
    I also hope everyone gets accounted for.
    God, I wonder what could have possibly happened?!
  9. I live in St. Paul and work in Mpls. Thank god I take a different bridge to get to St. Paul! God, that's horrible.

    I'm alright. All of my friends in MN are ok too. It looks absolutely horrific!
  10. I'm fine. I live downtown so I don't drive over there often. It is so scary. I was in class; It was about ten blocks from my school. Way too close to home.
  11. Praying for all of you.

    Merika, don't know if you called a cell # or home #, but msnbc is saying all cell phones are not working right now.
  12. My hubby and I are both okay. Thankfully it was our day off from work, so we were nowhere near downtown. He works about a mile from that bridge and I used to live about 5 blocks from there. Now we live in the 'burbs, but still have a lot of friends in that neighborhood.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to all of the victims, families, and rescue workers.

    What a horrble tragedy... I hope the rest of the MPLS PFers are alright.
  13. Just saw this on the news... hope all the tPFers from there are okay. What a scary thing! I know a few Minneapolis people, here's hoping they are fine. I'll be keeping all the residents in my thoughts.
  14. So glad you are okay! Thank goodness you have been taking that route over the summer...
  15. I just found this thread. MODS you can close mine. I am frantically trying to get hold of one of my best friends that live in St. Paul. He is not answering his phone it just rings and rings and he hasn't answered my e-mails. I know he's probably fine I just would like to hear from him.....