all mac computer users....!!

  1. I know many of you have mac computers here, so i have a question for you guys!

    I just got a new macbook as a birthday present, and was wondering if it had any application similar to microsoft windows(im coming from a PC obviously.)? and if so, do you have one on your mac, and how is it?

    this is a bit of a side note i guess, but Im feeling kind of unsure about whether I want to keep it or not.
    first of all, I kind of feel like I just got it because its so gorgeous to look at, and just over all sleek and looks nice. Im a college student who just uses the computer for basic things, like internet, itunes, and writing things up on microsoft word, so i feel like I dont need all the bells and whistles that the mac computers have to offer, even though I think that they are really neat and would be fun to play around with.
    and also,( I havent had time to play with it yet and see whats on it) but from my previous research, it seems like you have to buy a lot of seperate things for it, which obviously = more money to spend.
    and also, even though this sounds kind of am *afraid*, for lack of a better word, to make the transition from PC to mac.just because Ive used PC's all my life. Despite what ive heard, it still seems like macs are so much more complicated to use, but i dont know!!

    I got this as a surprise bday gift from my mother, so I feel kinda guilty about her spending so much money for maybe something I dont really need, so much as want. I dont know... I always feel guilty about this kind of thing.

    I know all that was kinda rambling but I would really appreciate some advice from you guys, as Im stuck about what to do and can never make up my mind in this kind of situation.
  2. Don't worry about a thing, you will LOVE it!! For my whole life, I, too, used nothing but PC's, until a few years ago when I got my first mac, and I LOVE it!! It was very easy to transition to, mac is super easy to use, and all the features are great. Ever since getting my first mac, I never want to go back to PC's. Also, you can buy programs, such as microsoft office(word, powerpoint, etc.), and install them on your mac, because there are microsoft programs/applications that are made for mac, so no worries with that!
    Trust me, you will love your new mac!!
  3. you can split your hard drive and run windows on your mac. I personally don't know how to do it but our tech guy at work has configured a bunch of the mac book pros to do it.

    good luck!!!
  4. Congrats on the gift! I made the switch from a PC to a Mac about 2 years ago, and I haven't looked back.
    Macs are truly user friendly, and the help files are actually useful.
    There is a similar product like Microsoft Word, I don't use them but one is "iWork" which comes with "Pages" (similar to word), "Keynote" (similar to powerpoint) and "Numbers" similar to Excel. You can purchase the 08 edition off the apple website or your local apple store. I personally chose to get the Mac Version of Microsoft Office as I am familiar with them, and cos I had to do many presentations and open my files on PCs with Microsoft Office as well.

    Since you're a student, you can get the student pricing of either "iWork", or the mac version of Microsoft office. Check with your college, or local store.

    Apart from this, I didn't purchase anything else extra. I basically used the same mouse and printer from my PC. Macs are truly plug-and-play which means you just plug your devices into it and it recognises it. I hardly ever have to install drivers.

    I also like that I don't have to worry about viruses, since most are produced for PCs.

    There are many tips and tricks for Macs. Try googling "switching to mac" or "mac for beginners" etc.

    Have fun exploring!!
  5. Yep just get Microsoft Office 2004 (Student Edition), I think you'll definitely need it for college as it has Word, Excel etc.

    Oh, I read somewhere that there will be a new edition of Microsoft Office coming out soon and I'm looking forward to that as it boasts new features.
  6. I think Microsoft office are releasing 2008 in January, so it would be well worth waiting a month to get the latest technology of 4 years development, im like you, I have just got the imac and the notebook and have been looking to get the ms office package, so hang on a few weeks if you can!
  7. I just got an imac as a surprise birthday present too! The apple store offers workshops to ll new mac owners, at least for imacs. My husband signed me up for one. I learned that your mac can read and edit a word document, and I'm not positive, but I think you can store it on your mac as well. Be careful when buying windows to put in your mac though, as in read the fine print. I think there is some catch of you buy it online and download it onto your mac. I fell in love with the looks too and haven't put in the time necessary to really learn it yet, but I think Bill Gates must really hate Steve Jobs. I can already tell there will be no going back even though I am still mainly on my PC! Enjoy and step over to the apple side!
  8. I also was a PC user but now I have the Imac and I can't believe I waited so long to have this fab computer!! I was scared at first but as time passes I am getting the hang of things. I paid for the extended Apple support and they are always so nice on the phone.
  9. God told me the only way to get into heaven is if you own a Mac.

    True story!

  10. ah, you finally see the light Charles! ;)
  11. Psh...Even before this, I've know that I'm going straight to hell when I die!
  12. I am 49 and switched to a mac desktop on my own a couple of years ago. Never looked back, no viruses to worry about, or having someone cleanup the computer of junk that bogs it down.

    If your mac is new it will run windows just fine. Your computer will not go obsolete in 2 years like a PC does.

    If you hate it, sell it to me. LOL I am dying for a mac laptop.

    I like a website, The forum is very helpful when you have issues.

    But while your mac is new, take some classes at apple and utilize your applecare (you did buy applecare, I hope, as all laptops are sensitive) It is worth is because you get good phone support with applecare past the warranty of the machine, plus if it breaks, they fix it free. As a switcher, I recommend it.
  13. I miss my iBook.

    My present from DH when I graduate grad school is a new Macbook (or whatever they have out in 2009, lol).
  14. I switched to a Mac a couple of years ago after using a PC for years. There were still some programs I missed that either I couldn't get on the Mac or were just much better on a PC. I downloaded Parallels Desktop for the Mac.

    It's like having the best of both worlds.
  15. You're already in hell...PC hell, that is.:p

    This isn't really related, but I saw this ad today on the NY times website and thought it was hilarious. Not sure how much longer it will be up though: