All LV gals-do you have an LV wallet?

  1. Or, do you carry something else? I am curious to know what brands of wallet LV ladies carry.
  2. i use LV wallets.
  3. Don't get me started on wallet lol! Before I saved for an LV wallet, I was carrying a prada one. But now I carry a LV mono porte tresor. I just bought it, and I am in love! But when I feel like changing I use others like coach, juicy, marc jacobs.
  4. lv wallet :smile:
  5. I have two. The Cerises compact zip and the black multicolor Snapped Billfold and Coin purse. I hardly ever use the multicolor one. I use the compact zip every day. The coins always fall out of the MC wallet I have. I would highly recommend a compact zip wallet. You can secure things into the zipper compartment and it's just a really nice wallet. I use it with my non-LV bags, too.
  6. I have 5 wallets - I rotate them according to season

    Mono Mini Khaki TST
    Damier Compact Zipped
    Mono French Purse
    Black Epi Compact/ black leather Salvatore Ferragamo
  7. I have a ludlow wallet that I use in my smaller bags, or when I go travelling... but for the most part I'm using a Gucci wallet. Maybe one of these days I'll get an LV wallet, but at the moment, I'm really happy with the Gucci... the compartments & everything are perfect for my usage.
  8. I tend to rely on my LV Cardholder and my LV Agenda. The Cardholder keeps my random cards and in the Agenda I put my main credit/debit cards.

    I also have Coach and Fendi wallets for when I am using those purses.

    I tend to be matchy matchy. :p
  9. Yep, I have mono pti. I also use a damier koala agenda as a wallet, too.
  10. Of course!!

    I have two lv wallets- one in mono and another in epi. STURDY wallets.
  11. I carry an Damier Canvas Porte-Tresor Intl...I love it. It had enough spaces for my various cards.

    Occasionally, I do substitute my Damier cosmetique poche when I am running out.
  12. I carry the zippy wallet in epi leather and it's awesome. DH has been carrying the same (organizer size tho) for over a year and it still looks brand spanking new. Excellent quality... that's why I got mine.
  13. I have a mc pti.
  14. Mono wallet with zip. Just got it for Xmas.
  15. i have 2: an epi pochette wallet that i haven't used yet but got to go with my epi speedy since my regular zippy groom wallet is too big for the opening. i use my zippy groom every day and i adore it.