all LV boutiques sell bags made in USA only?

  1. Do all the LV boutiques and other legitimate dept. stores carry LV bags that are made in the USA or do they also have bags from France?
  2. It depends on the bag. For example, the Speedies and BH's are more popular so they'll be made in the USA more often than not. But others like the Beverly's that are newer may be made in France for now.
    Basically, the most popular styles are more often made in the USA, less "popular" (or more expensive) styles are made in Spain (i.e. the Vernis line) and France.
  3. ^^^ yep. for example if you are looking for a particular bag to say "made in france" but can't find one, reason being is because they may not actually make that particular bag in france. i think factories are allocated what they are to make so certain bags are made in certain countries.
  4. It depends on the bag!
  5. I just got a Made In France Mono Speedy 30 - the SA in the store says this is rare and I got lucky because most are made in USA. Is this true?
  6. lv stores in usa now only sell lv made in usa right? the sa told me so and if i want a made in france one i have to go to france to get one
  7. Boutiques in US absolutely have bags Made in France. As the others said, styles popular in US may also be made in US.