All Luxury Bowler Owners!!!!

  1. How is everyone's luxury bowler holding up???? I'm a proud owner of a new black metallic bowler :yahoo: :yahoo: and I was wondering if anyone has had any problems at all with the condition of their bowler so far, ie the top of the bag I know may cave in with time, and any handy hints to keep it looking perfect!!! (besides not using it!) :p
  2. Wah! Where did you get it?
  3. Lulilu: Saks NY :p

  4. hmmm... i have the bowler in black deerskin and it is holding up very well -i know exactly how you feel on your concerns on the top caving in a bit

    your best bet is to keep from "smushing" it too much when carrying under the shoulder (b/c the bowler is quite wide, and tends to indent inwards after being carried too much in this manner

    another VERY useful tip i got from the ladies here is to keep it stuffed when storing, which will help retain its shape in the long run -so basically, when you're not using it, STUFF it back up like when you opened the box... it's a pain in the butt, but taking that couple of minutes to do so will definetly keep your bag in better looking shape in the long run

    can't think of anything else! hope that helps... and congrats!! the luxe bowler is literally one of my FAVORITE bags!
  5. I have had mine for a little over a month now and it has been holding up great. I agree with other posters that it is a good idea to stuff it when storing. I have not had it indent on me yet, but I tend to carry the bag on my arm, not shoulder. Congrats on getting an AWESOME bag.
  6. I've been using mine non-stop for over a month now. So far, so good. No problems to report. I would have to say that it's one of the best bags I've owned in a long time! SO COMFY to use! Just the right size!:love: With regards to the top caving in, I kind of like it.:shame: It adds something to the bag's character. Otherwise, it looks too boxy. JMO, of course.
  7. OT ^^ hi irene! have not seen you around much!

    OP: i don't have the bowler, but the metallic black flap. holding up well.
    enjoy it!
  8. Ive had my bowler for over 2 months now. My bag does cave around the zipper area alittle after using it every day. Try not to squeeze it and always stuff the stuffings into the bag if ur not using.
  9. I have had my bowler for about 6 months. Just like the other members have said stuff the bag once you use it will help with the caving in. I also agree it gives character to the bag.
  10. Do u mind to share some photos of your luxury bowler pls? I'm dying to get one too but i thought they have gone since last year.:confused1:
  11. I don't use mine a lot but I don't mind the caving in I feel like it is easier to carry under my arm.
  12. I have the luxe bowler but have not used it yet.. :shame: sorry cant provide you with any constructive information..


    ** CONGRATZ **

    on your new acquisition!!

    I think the bowler is beautiful!!

  13. I purchased the khaki deerskin bowler last September and use it fairly often, but not every day. It still looks brand new. It has caved in a little bit, but I really don't mind. I actually really like it.
  14. ^^ I agree with the above posts. My dark silver Luxe bowler is a few months old and I use it once or twice a week. I absolutely love it! I do stuff it when it is not in use however, I don't mind if it caves in a little bit. This is probably my favorite bag so far.
  15. Hi is it this one you guys are talking about? in the photo. any idea where i can find it please? will be much appreciated... I so want this bag too!:push: