All Legacy lovers...need your help

  1. Does anybody know why the Legacy Signature Shoulder bag in white/khaki/brass is discontinued? Or perhaps, does someone know if there's ANY store that might carry it?
  2. Legacy Signature shoulder bag? Are you talking about the Globe Shopper Cabas bags? :shrugs: If so, they are sold out worldwide. :sad:
  3. hmm?? I dunno what your talking about!:shrugs:
  4. She's talking about a Coach bag and posted in the wrong forum.
  5. I moved it to the Coach forum now. ;)
  6. It's sold out. You might try calling the Coach 800# though to see if they can locate any for you.
  7. I can tell you I call the Coach 800# as soon as I saw that it was not on the web site anymore. At that time they had only 4 left in the warehouse when I ordered mine around February 3. I was very lucky to get mine.
  8. I got mine shipped from the Palo Alto CA store last week but I don't know if they had anymore on hand. Good luck-this is a great bag.
  9. I was at the Palo Alto store this morning and they didn't have any.