All leather vs leather/canvas GP

  1. Ladies, I am torn. MY H boutique has an all leather GP in Etoupe and a black/canvas combo GP. I will use the GP throughout spring/summer. What's my best bet? I love both and always wanted a leather/canvas combo, but the all leather etoupe is tempting. Wold love to hear your opinions and feedback.
  2. In my experience, canvas wears less well than toile, even in darker colors. I would purchase a toile/leather GP, but I would avoid a canvas/leather one. They are beautiful, of course--especially in black. Maybe others have a better experience with canvas.

    The etoupe all-leather GP is beautiful.
  3. I have an all leather Garden Party in Tosca and I love it. While the canvas is nice, I vote for the all leather.
  4. Another bote for all leather GP.. Etoupe is a nice color too.. Perfect neutral IMO..
  5. I am going for the etouope one. Thanks everyone!
  6. All Leather GP is fantastic! I have the Etoupe one, LOVE IT!!
  7. Personally I like the canvas/leather or toile/leather GP better than all leather because the all leather GP tend to sag/ soften even after brief use. I prefer a more rigide look and the canvas/leather GP is lighter than all leather ones. But in saying that, Etoupe leather GP is definitely beautiful. :smile:
  8. I love leather
    I love Etoupe also
    That's my vote
  9. You REALLY should have one of each !!! Just sayin'
  10. I would definitely choose the etoupe leather version as I don't really wear black bags in the spring/summer period. :smile:
  11. All leather GP