All Leather Valparaiso!

  1. Dear tPfers,

    I was sitting at my desk in the hotel today, and one of the guests was toting a blue jeans Valpariaso MM - in either Clemence or Epsom. I was so excited! I also noticed she used it as a nappy bag.

    I've seen the usual toile and leather ones in brown, orange and black; and even a red one with the flap in Epsom. But full leather?! Does anyone know anything about this?
  2. Haven´t seen one/heard about it before but it sounds great!
  3. I saw it today again....the hotel guest left the bag in her daughter's pram.....Gulp! I'm really sorry to have started this thread but.....shriek! I think it's a FAKE(ooh...another bad 4-letter word!) w-o-r-k!