All Leather Handbags

  1. I was just looking at the moni moni bags...and I think they look just yummy cause of their soft leather texture.So it got me thinking...are there any other bags out there that are made of all leather, are fashionable, and quite reasonably priced ?:love:

    I'm open to any suggestions. :supacool:

  2. do you mean like non-designer?
  3. anna corinna bags are pretty decently priced, especially if you find a coupon code out there..

    the leather is nice and squishy and soft. :smile:
  4. doesn't have to be designer but it can be non-designer too...just any bag that uses real leather.
  5. How about Kenneth Cole NY's Direct Link II Medium Satchel in Pebble? It's a little bit less than $200USD. If you sign up with LuckyMagsRewards, you get 14% cash back (from shopping with as well. =)
    Kenneth Cole New York Handbags Direct Link II Medium Satchel (Pebble) - Women's
  6. Looking at the bags you posted about, which are great, I :heart: the red color, what about Hayden-Harnett Handbags & Accessories - Leather - H-H Signature Collection? I'm currently in love the the Lorca Luxe Demi, but I can only rationalize buying a black bag right now and it doesn't come in black:crybaby:
    I don't have one, but they look great and I've heard a lot of good buzz around them. I've also seen them on sale or at online stores with discount codes floating around, so they might be cheaper. Sigh, I may have just talking myself into buying one.
  7. Have you looked at Tano bags? They're wonderful quality, italian leathers and very reasonable, most under $200. Find them at and you can purchase at .
  8. ^^ you girls are a BAD influence:flowers:

    I had never heard of Tano bags before today and now I have two on the way.
  9. OOhhh..good for you Robyn! I LOVE Tano and have a few in my collection too. I got my sister hooked on them as can find some of the older season styles at Welcome To That's Our Bag! and they are veryinexpensive and still rather stylish.. Post when you get them and let us know what you think of them!
  10. BCBG are nice handbags but Carbotti's hanbags are extremly nice. Try Ostrich leather.
  11. Try They are handmade in Greece. In the $200 range. They also have an etsy shop, just search by seller for "morelle".
  12. I love Tano, Lucky Brand, and Tylie Malibu bags - they all make ones that are 100% leather. :yes:
  13. I saw moni moni bags when I was in CA and feel in love. They remind me of YSL, but at a fraction of the price. They are not super popular yet but I have seen them on some clebs. If I were you I would get a mono moni.