All leather garden party tote

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  1. Hi everyone -

    Has anyone seen the all leather garden party tote in the new colors? I went into my H store today and they had one in gold. beautiful. Is this new? It has an inside pocket and comes in black, red, gold and e toupe I think. Any other colors?

    forgive me if this is not new, but I have only seen all brown. tia
  2. Gold, Red (Rouge Vif) Brow, Green (vert Anis), Black
  3. Dark grey...ardoisse (spelling?)...

  4. really? all leather? the SA told me this was a new bag. hmmmm. When did they come out with it?
  5. Yes, The leather I have seen them in were all swift.

    The Rouge Vif and the Black and Brown have been around for a while. Those have silk scarf lining. The Gold and Vert Anis are newer colors.
  6. :nuts: Baggs? Is that really you????
  7. ^^ Uh hu! :graucho:
  8. omg they have a GP in ardoise? OMG. kill me now.
  9. I really like the GP...I wish I were still in college, this would be the perfect school bag for me.
  10. Vert anis? Ooohhhh!!! What a perfect summer bag this would be for me!!! My children WOULD have me committed if I bought another Hermes, but that GP in vert anis leather would be VERY tempting....
  11. favorhermes: my store has it in Rouge H, Gold, Black and Etoupe.

    Baggaholic: How's Paris?
  12. I would love to see it in etoupe. I love etoupe!
  13. It is very nice... : )
  14. Love the all leather GP...