All leather Garden Party tote- need opinions

  1. Hi- I have never started a thread in here!

    Please tell me your thoughts (be honest please) and opinions, pros and cons on this beauty- all posts are appreciated!

    :flowers: Thanks!
  2. I love it, so beautiful and functional.
  3. :tup:
  4. They are absolutely gorgeous! I am looking for a GM all leather. My store sold the only one that they ordered! They didn't think people want them big but with tote bags, I love them big. The lining is a cloth herringbone, not sure about inserts, think there is a zipper one.
  5. I have a lovely all leather GP with silk Bolduc lining that I adore! It's a great casual daily bag!
  6. Thanks ladies!

    I should mention that I've never been in the presence of Hermes items so I cannot imagine the leather or weight of the bag.

    What does GM and GP stand for?
  7. GP = Garden Party
    GM = Grand Modele = the large size GP
  8. Thank you GF!
  9. Pro's: lots of nice colors, durable, holds a lot, floopy and therefore easy to carry around and fits nicely under the seat in front of you on an airplane, easy to accessorize with cute keychains or scarves, pretty light in weight, just a great casual, kick-around bag.

    Cons: no feet--that's the biggest drawback; secondarily, the whole bag, including the bottom, is quite supple, so if it's filled with a lot of stuff it can become misshapen. I put a cardboard form in the bottom and it helps.

    I'm glad to know it comes in a GM, Airmess; my SA thought it only comes in a PM, which is the size I have. It's a textured leather. Good luck, frozen_alaska!
  10. One of the SAs in the store bought the GM when she went to Paris for training, when I asked how big it is, my SA asked her colleague for her GM GP to show it to me. It's gorgeous and this size, you can really wear it on your shoulder but it's HUGE and I'm going to use it as my gym bag most of the time. I'm sure I'll find other uses for it.

    And yes, you are absolutely right about no feet and the bottoms will sag when it's loaded up. But I love the casual look and feel of it in leather, so will be on the lookout for it! :wlae:
  11. When you say HUGE -- do you know the approximate measurements of the GM?
  12. I have one in dark brown with the orange ribbin lining. It's gorgeous and holds a ton. I love it and highly recommend
  13. I just got mine in the larger size. There are 2 sizes available for the all leather GP at the moment. I love the bag. It is light and can hold a lot of things!
  14. Love the leather GP!
  15. Unfortunately no, my SA took the store catalog out but no measurements were given and I didn't want to measure the other SA's bag.

    I have measurements (in inches, 1 inch = 2.54cm) for the others though

    1. TPM with strap
    12L x 8H x 5.25W

    2. PM
    14L x 10.25H x 6.5W

    3. MM
    16.75L x 11.5H x 7.5W

    4. GM
    Missing this one

    I got the above measurements from the USA site. I have seen all 4 sizes and if I have to make a guess, the GM is probably 19L x 13H x 8.5W (inches).