All Leather Bleecker Small Flap...Photos...It arrived today!!!

  1. I am glad I sent the other back that arrived in the wrong color. This color is so pretty...Though...I did feel before sending the other back. That the Buck Skin was also a lovely color. And may later get a bag in that shade.

    Well here's my bag ladies~

    It however arrived without a dust bag...and no care card. I called JAX again and they will be mailing me out them. (The bag I sent back had them in the inside of the bag) Also the bag arrived without the packaging that was wrapped on the other bag...:confused1:...And paper rolled up and shoved inside to fill the bag. But nothing protecting the strap or any of the protective paper. But...It really don't make a difference. The bag wasn't effected. Just didn't look as pretty when I opened it. It was though wrapped in Coach paper. And had this arrived the first time. I wouldn't have known the difference.
    IMG_2680 (2).JPG IMG_2678 (2).JPG IMG_2679 (2).JPG
  2. That's REALLY PRETTY!!!!! Is that British Tan??? I LOVE Bleecker British Tan!!!! I bought the wallet b/c I loved the color so much!!!!! LOL CONGRATS on a beautiful purchase and I am sooooooo glad you got the RIGHT one now!!!!!! YIPEEEEEEEEE
  3. I love your bag. Congrats! I love all the Bleekers! They are
    real true Coach Classics.

  4. Yes Mommyville...Your correct...It's the British Tan color...And I soooooo:love: love it! Though the hangtag is a bit larger than my other Coach bags...Did they switch the style so their larger now? Or is it just the Bleeckers with the larger sized tags?
  5. That is a beautiful bag. I love the colour! I wonder why this one was not wrapped like the other one was. Do you think it may have been shipped from a boutique and not from JAX?
  6. OMG I KNEW it was BRITISH TAN!!! :love: I LOVE LOVE LOVE BRITISH TAN!!! I think some styles DO come w/ a larger hangtag....I HAVE seen fact I THINK I kinda remember my bleecker siggy duffle came w/ a large hangtag (I returned her b/c I didnt care for the style)....Your bag is GORGEOUS!!! and if you want a matching wallet, they are in the outlets now!!!! I got my bleecker compact clutch wallet for $130 w/ my NYS tax!!!!!! (hey...I HAD TO have SOMETHING in BRITISH TAN!!!!!!!! :graucho: LOL) CONGRATS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  7. I love this color! It looks so rich. I'm glad you returned the first one and got this one.
  8. Yes your a woman whom knows her Coach bags...;)...It's good to know that they have larger tags...I was puzzled at the size of the hangtag. Thanks!:flowers:...As for the wallet...I have no Outlets near me...I live in the boonies...Just to go to a decent store. I must drive over an hour. And then it's just a Macy's or Dillards for Coach selections...And a good 2 hours for a Coach store. And again...No Outlets...((((SIGH)))) But that's OK...I don't mind...If I don't win a tote that I'm watching...Maybe I'll just purchase it from Coach...Or find one on eBay. ;)...Currently though...I have my fingers and toes crossed that the tote I want won't go much over $200...It has an ink spot on the inside of the leather tote. Near the top. (I posted this bag on AUTHENTICATE THIS) Watching and could just kick myself I didn't see it earlier before someone bid. I seen in my search...That it had originally had a Buy it Now for $179! I would have GRABBED it then...But someone had bid on the thing...So now it's a waiting game. I'll bid closer to the end of the auction...The seller is quick with responding to emails...Which also makes me feel good about it.

    Had a siggy duffle eh? I had sort of glanced at the all leather bleeckers duffles myself...Thinking it might be cool to have both variations...I think it's a true classic style...As was mentioned by LizCordova.

    No...I don't feel it came from another boutique. Since the tracking number showed it being picked up in Jacksonville. I wonder if it may have been a return...And thus...The wrappings discarded...:confused1:...But either way...It's mine now...And I "love" it!:love:
  9. Congrats on your new bag, I love the color!!

    I too live in the boonies, the closest outlet is over 5 hours away - I can get to a Macy's in an hour and 15 mins but they don't sell Coach that that store. : ( I can get to a Dillards that sells Coach in 1 hour and 45 mins, that's a long car drive not to mention the price for gas. I pretty much have to rely on or eBay for shopping - though after reading all the horror stories I have to admit I am getting very wary of shopping on eBay.

  10. Wow! They don't sell Coach bags at the Macy's you can get to...Well...The Macy's that I can get to rarely ever sells all leather Coach bags(Around the holidays only)...:rolleyes:...And that is what I am currently into. Since where I live there is an over abundance of FAKE Coach bags about. I am leaning toward leather bags. Which are rarely duplicated into a fake bag. Though I do have one signature bag...And I "love" it! I feel the style I have will eventually be dated by it's style. But I get compliments when I do wear it out.:smile:...Not many comment on my leather bags that their Coach...It's almost as if people only think Coach makes signature bags...Their just not familar with the leather styles is all I guess...:rolleyes: Which is fine by me...I know their Coach...And I hold my head up high...:supacool:

    As for buying off of Ebay...As long as you stick with PayPal payments...They will take care of you if you happen to buy a fake bag. Keep that in mind...They have the claim department. Where eventually you'll get your money back...
  13. Wow. Lovin the British Tan. What a great color!
  14. Thanks...It's the first time I've actually seen the British Tan in person...And I must agree it's a GREAT color~
  15. Congrat's... fabulous bag!