all leather black Carly?

  1. How does everyone here like their leather carlys compared to the signature fabric?? and also I was thinking about exchanging one of my unused bags for the black all leather large carly and I was thinking of putting this cute wallet with it.. what do you think.. I must just be crazy or bored.. lol all feedback will be appreciated..


  2. That is a cute combo but I had a large leather Carly and I had to get rid of it because it was SO heavy. I loved the leather but it was killing my shoulder. If you have the shoulder and back for it go for it though. And that combo you picked out is so cute! Then get the lilac polka dot ponytail scarf. I am getting that color along with the pink ASAP. I love them!
  3. is that scarf still on the site??:confused1:
  4. is this the scarf you are talking about? the one on the far right??

  5. Ooooooooooooooooooo very nice!
  6. My sister in law got the all leather large Carly in black for Christmas and I went to pick it up and couldn't believe how heavy it was. I would say that it would get annoying after a while. Too bad because the Carly is so beautiful. Coach should reinvent the Carly with a little less hardware that adds to the weight. Then it would be perfected!
  7. maybe i'm the only one, but my leather carly feels no different to me than my sig carly. i use the same stuff in each bag. my leather carly is my go to bag over any of my bags...i even used it during my last year of school.
  8. I can not agree with this enough! It is exactly the same for me. My leather one is worry free: worries! She is so smooth up against the body and just feels so right:love: Not sure I should feel this way about a bag, but I do:yes: I don't tell ANY difference in the weight of the leather versus signature either. I also use the clear heel slip things that Tulsamini recommended and now she never slips off my shoulder even with a coat. I showed it to my SA and she said she was going to tell everyone about that idea. So a big thank you to Minitulsa for sharing her awesome idea!:tup: So in conclusion: you will not regret the leather Carly!!:woohoo:
  9. I had a medium Carly in brown leather and I really liked it, although it was kind of plain, but I thought it was nice. I wish the leather was a little different. In general my personal preference is the Carly in signature.. I just think that bag looks hot like that! :okay:
  10. That's a cute combo! Looks very classy...
  11. I think it's a cute the purple wallet.
  12. thanks I am still debating on it lol..
  13. I could do a Carly in leather! I tried a large Chocolate leather Carly yesterday!! It was gorgeous!!
  14. I am just afraid of it being to heavy etc..