All-leather bags

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  1. Hey, I love the style of the Goyard bags, but I'm not crazy about the print - I know it's popular, but it is not my style. Is it possible to have a bag completely made in leather?
    I assume these bags won't be able to be personalised though?
  2. Let's see... I haven't seen many all-leather Goyard bags; the only one that comes to mind in the moment is the Sac Vendome which can come in Box Calf, but it does have a bit of the signature chevron print on the sides in a geometric shape. There's one of these in a GM size at Barney's New York at the moment (I saw it a few days ago). I'm not sure about personalisation on the leather, as Goyard specialises in the chevron print. I hope this helps a bit.

    Here's a photo of that Sac Vendome, originally posted by AmourCouture in the thread The Goyard Reference Library- PICTURES ONLY!

  3. I've never seen anything, though I am certainly not seen it all. I will say when I think of Goyard, I think of the print. If you don't like it, maybe Goyard isn't for you?
  4. Thanks for your replies.

    It's a shame, I love the style, just not crazy on the print. Still, I have yet to see it in real life, I should take a dander down to the store.
  5. Goyard does make a solid black briefcase in all black - it's very masculine and you can't tell it's Goyard unless you're up close staring at the hardware. Saw it at the Barneys Beverly Hills when I was there most recently. I recall it being around $5K.
  6. I think more of Vintage Goyard has lots of leather.
  7. Are they still producing the all leather version? Or Vendome for that matter?
  8. The leather vendome was still available about 6 months ago in Paris, I assume it still is. They definitely still make the vendome in the Goyard monogram canvas.
  9. I think you can find a couple styles in leather but have to special order them. For the price of all leather, personally I would just buy Hermes.
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