All is fair in bag/shoe hunting! *meow*

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You and a fellow PFer want the same bag on ebay. You....

  1. Bid on it and wish her luck

  2. Bid on it and don't let her know

  3. Pass it up. You don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, although the win isn't guaranteed

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  1. OK, now i know we are all friendly on this forum.

    But how do you feel about competitive bidding w/ your fellow PFer on ebay or any other auction site?

    I think all is fair on ebay, may the highest bid win:wlae:

    Just wanted to know how you ladies feel about this.
  2. Oh D&G that cuts right to the heart of the matter, doesn't it??

    I am too nice I guess.

    I'd email the PFer, ask if she was really really attached to it, let her know how I felt,
    see if one of us really wanted it. If she still insisted, I'd ler her have it. :flowers:

    But I can say that from a comfortable position of five Chloe's and climbing! ;)
  3. If I knew another PFer was bidding, I too would email her to find out if she had her heart set on it. If so, I would step aside.
  4. I can honestly say that this has never crossed my mind. Lately I've been too scared of fakes to bid on anything on E-Bay.

    I don't think I'd even be aware if someone else from this forum was bidding against me - I don't have the same user name on E-Bay as I do here and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Peggy
  5. How do you know it is another PFer?

  6. Just a hypothetical answer to a hypothetical question. I would not bid on ebay after reading all the horror stories.
  7. LOL same here Rose! Ebay scares the heck out of me!

    Plus, I love the high I get from buying at the boutiques!
  8. I recently bought 2 bal bags after another PFer posted the ebay link. I felt kind of guilty going in there and snatching them up....and I did NOT get the one everyone was oooo-ing and ahhhhh-ing over (magenta) even tho I liked it very much; I somehow felt it would be presumptious of me esp. since I am fairly new to this site.
  9. I believe if it is something I love, of cos I would bid till the price I'm willing to pay for and if she doesnt mind paying beyond what I'm offering then I'll just let it go.
  10. Pretty much the same here. Only problem I've set my heart on a bag from 05...!
  11. For me it would depend on how I found the bag. If someone posted the link on TPF and that's how I first saw it then I would figure it was their find. If I was madly in love with the bag I would email the TPF person and discuss it with them - ask how much they want it etc.

    If I stumbled across it on Ebay ad so did they - then all's fair in Ebay:smile:

    I'm all about the Karma and 'doing unto others' so I know if I posted something and someone else yoinked it I'd be sad :crybaby: so I don't want that Karma coming back on me. Also I would feel like that bag I bought had bad mojo on it when I got it. Ya, I'm weird that way.

  12. ^ ITA with you Nyria! :yes:

    I think this is more of a courtesy issue... Personally If I find an auction on my own I will bid on it, regardless of where it is posted. If I see it on the PF first, I will respect that it is someone else's find and not go after it. That said, if the bag in question is my DREAM bag, I would pm/email the person and see how serious they are about it and explain my position.
  13. I would bid and let her know... since there would be so many other bidders out there!!

    However, if she posted the link here to ask to authenticate the item i wouldnt bid for it since she searched for the item!
  14. fortunately,,that's never happened to me~
  15. I'd bid on it and wish her luck. Unless, she REALLY wants it, and I can live without it then, I wouldn't bid on it.