Travel all inclusive to montego bay

May 12, 2008
i just started this new job and two of the girls from work (who also started this year) and i want to go on a short trip together during our march break. i called my travel agent whom i just love because she finds the greatest deals- and she found a five day/four night all inclusive to montego bay- a place called starfish trelawney. ....ok, don't laugh, but what exactly does all inclusive mean? does that include food? drinks? entertainment?? the price is 1040 per person...that's good, right? thoughts? anyone been there? what's it like?? tia!!! ;)
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Aug 14, 2006
Not sure if that's a good deal for where you live but for me that's amazing!! I can't get to Jamaica for less than $2000.

All inclusive means EVERYTHING! Drinks, all food, entertainment, etc. I love AI vacations.

I'm biased because I absolutely love Jamaica and would spend every vacation there always if I had to. The Starfish is a good resort, and tons of fun but not adults only, if that's what you like. I prefer to not have kids where we go so I would go somewhere else. However, the kids clubs are usually great and the kids generally don't get in the way. Jamaica is a ton of fun, the people are amazing, the food is great, the music is out of this world, the water is safe, the weather is hot all year round. I think you'll have a great time!

The only thing to keep in mind is that the resort you're talking about is not in Montego Bay itself, it's a drive out. I'd say around 45 mins or so. Not bad, but there's not too much to do in the area so you'd have to take a cab or go on a tour to get to somewhere else. If you're looking for more fun Ocho Rios or Montego Bay may be a better option.

(I'm going to Mo-Bay in Feb)