All Inclusive Resorts

  1. My dh and I are trying to find an all inclusive resort to go to for our anniversary in April. For our honeymoon we went to Sandals Grande in St. Lucia and had an excellent time. We haven't been to any other all inclusives or any other sandals yet, but we would like to find one that is fab.
    Does anyone here have any suggestions of an all inclusive they've been to and just loved? Thanks for the help:heart:
  2. I'm not a huge fan of all inclusive resorts, because I like to try different restaurants, but me and 2 of my friends stayed at the RIU Cancun in Mexico a couple of years ago and we loved it! One of my fave holidays!
  3. we've only to been to the Sandals in ST. Lucia and LOVED it too! We don't usually go for the all inclusives because we're not big drinkers, seems like the all-inclusives really cater to people who drink.
  4. ^ITA agree about the drinking aspect, we aren't big drinkers either and if we were, we would have gotten our moneys worth!
  5. I agree Sandals (twice Jamaica). We're not mega drinkers either (I got over that in college) but enough so that it was worth it. For a romantic time, I heard Hedonism II Negril is incredible and have fans that go back year after year. Club Med Moorea & bora bora were nice also. There was always something to do, which included activites or shows every night if you choose, otherwise the island was reaaallly quiet. The food was great also. I agree though, if possible, we prefer not to do all inclusives because it's nice to try other restaurants, but it depends on where you go. Some places peddlers who are selling their wares (or will harass you constantly on the beach and all inclusives keep them out.
  6. I have stayed at an all-inclusive resort in Aruba - there are tons of them down there!!! A lot of fun, great drinks - dinner is included, a lot of fun!!! Aruba would be a great getaway for you and DH....never mind all the negative publicity Aruba has rec'd lately!
  7. I agree with gemski, there are AWESOME all inclusives in Cancun!
  8. Sandals Dunn's River Falls is the bast Sandals in Jamaica IMO. I have also stayed at other not as high end all-inclusives throough I have saved so much money this way. The three apple all-inclusives have been good. There is no way that they are up to the same caliber as Sandals, but wonderful trips and it is what you make it:yes:
  9. Also, I can't remember which one I stayed at in Cancun, but my package allowed me to hop to other hotels and eat/drink for "free" as well! Maybe you can do research on'd have so much fun!
  10. Thanks for all the advice I really appreciate it!
    Gee: We've looked into some of the Palace resorts in Cancun, Moon Palace etc.. A friend of ours just got back from the Moon Palace and enjoyed it.
    Itsgood2beme:My sister in law and her dh went to Aruba over the holidays and they love it, they've been a few times. Is there a lot to do in Aruba? I'm not as familar with it but I'm going to start doing some research.
    Ghost:We were looking at Ochos Rios Sandals as an option, but I'll check out Dunns River.

    I honestly just want to go and have a great time! Hopefully April is good weather everywhere I'm looking into!:yes:
  11. ^^I stayed at the Palace resort in Puerto Vallarta Mexico last summer and it was very nice. Definitely one of the classier all-inclusives I've been too. Very nice, clean, well maintained place but not much night life (which was fine with me - I was there to relax, not party all night). I'd definitely recommend Palace resorts, although I haven't been to any of the ones in Cancun.

    Personally, I'm not a fan of Aruba. When I was there it was extremely windy - you couldn't even lay on the beach without getting pelted by sand - really painful and not fun. And I didn't feel safe there (drunken locals exposing themselves on the beach - very creepy:wtf:). But just my 2 cents...
  12. I heard the Aventura Spa Palace in Riviera Maya, Mexico is great. We will probably go on our honeymoon there b/c FH can only get about a week off from work!