All I wanted is my one and only Birkin- HELP

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  1. Hello to all the wonderful ladies in this forum. After satisfying my urge for Chanels, I finally found myself yearning for one Hermes Birkin.

    I have contacted Madison and I was told that they could not charge send or give any information about Birkin or Kelly over the phone. I explained that NYC is a far drive from where I am. It is a 3-hour stretch. And what if there is no Birkin available. The SA said that I just have to take the chance.

    I made another phone call to Riverside NJ. I got excited because the SA told me that I can order anything over the phone. I asked if they send Birkin too. She said anything and all I have to do is fax you over the order form. Then we will take it from there.

    So my excitement yesterday was reaching a high crescendo. I wrote down 35 cm, PHW, epsom, any neutral color.

    Two hours after the fax transmission, I got a voicemail from the SA. She said that she spoke to her manager. She is shredding my order form and that she can't send any Birkin or Kelly placed over the phone. She said that I have to stop by the store and introduce myself.

    I called the SA to find out the protocol. She was unavailable. So I spoke to another lady SA. I told her about the scenario and that I wanted more information as to how can I get my Birkin. In her own exact words, she said that Hermes Birkin and Kelly is not only about status. Hermes has been around for 40 years. You have to be an established customer first before you can buy your first Birkin or Kelly. I said I only save up enough for one Birkin bag. I only collect bags. I do not want to invest and spend more in any other items. She said that we have other excellent bags that you have to see. I reiterated, just so I am clear with what she is saying, "are you saying that I have to buy other bags or any other Hermes items before I can buy my one Birkin?" She said unfortunately,yes.

    Ladies, I only wanted to own one Birkin in a lifetime. And I do not have the luxury to spend more than the cost of one Birkin. Any suggestion or recommendation will be appreciated.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.