All I Want For My 13th B-Day Is A Boob Job just Like My Mommy !

Jan 23, 2006
New York New York

Mummy's little girl: Alicia Douvall with her 12-year-old daughter Georgia, who for her 13th birthday has asked for perfume, a mobile phone and breast implants like her mother's

Lots of little girls grow up wanting to look just like their mother.

But when your mother is a former glamour model with a penchant for plastic surgery, it should come as no surprise that Alicia Douvall's 12-year-old daughter has asked her mother for an operation - to boost her still-developing bust.
For her 13th birthday, along with a request for some perfume and an iPhone, Alicia's pretty 12-year-old daughter has asked for breast implants.

Alicia - born Sarah Howes - is best known for her lurid kiss-and-tell stories of her liaisons with celebrities including Calum Best, Dennis Rodman, P-Diddy and Mick Hucknall.

In an interview with Closer magazine, the former Love Island contestant revealed: "Georgia wrote a little birthday wish-list for her 13th birthday later this month and on it was Kate Moss perfume, an iPhone and a boob job."
Alicia's daughter, who she describes as 'a quiet girl', harbours ambitions to become a lingerie model, which her mother supports.
However, despite bearing witness to her mother's constant enhancements to her Barbie-like figure, Alicia says she was still surprised by her daughter's birthday request.

She said: "I was surprised because I didn't know she was worried about her flat chest. She's such a quiet girl, she doesn't say a lot."
But Georgia said: "I think my mum looks good. Because of her, I think it's normal to have surgery if something's not quite right."
Alicia admits to having had over 50 cosmetic surgery procedures over the past decade, and it seems her plastic surgery obsession has rubbed off on her young daughter Georgia.
Unsurprisingly, she supports her daughter's request, and is happy that she wants to surgically alter her still-developing teenage body. Even, going so far as to say cosmetic surgery is just the modern way of taking care of your appearance.

She said: "My mum always taught me to take care of my appearance and that's all I've taught Georgia. Surgery's just the modern-day next level."
However, Alicia said she is insisting that her daughter waits until she's 16 for the operation.

She said: "I think a 16-year-old with a nice, sexy figure will do really well as a model as long as she's managed well.
"That's why I'm happy for Georgia to have a boob job because it will give her a career.

"She's been at a modelling agency since she was about six. She'll be more famous than Britney!"

Alicia, 28, has just returned from America where she had her 12th breast op, but, unhappy with the results, she's already planning her 13th.
The self-confessed 'pushy mum' has also changed Georgia's name to 'Destiny' to enhance her daughter's chances of showbiz success.
She says: "I wanted to call her Destiny when she was born, but my mum said it sounded like a lap dancer's name.

"But she never much liked Georgia, so we decided to change it."
However, Georgia doesn't seem so keen. She said: "I don't mind which one I'm called. It was Mum's idea."

Plastic fanatic: Alicia has admitted to having 50 cosmetic surgery ops over the past decade


Jan 5, 2006
Sunny Italy
In my opinion this is sooo wrong and,that lady is 28 years old????:wtf::wtf: All that surgery made her look way worse and older than she is!
May 8, 2007
London, UK
when she was doing all her kiss and tells years ago, she said that she didnt even raise her daughter - her mum did. she lived on her own in her flat and saw the kid like once every week/fortnight.


Feb 21, 2008
ahh, why she go and do all this? I believe she will look even better without so many cosmetic surgeries.


Feb 8, 2008
I don't know who that is. They should take the daughter away from her. This is not something you teach young girls. The mother should of had a nose job and forget the boobs.