All I Want For Christmas Is.............?

  1. A Paddington hobo in any colour...i'm not fussy:graucho:
    Ok - maybe i can settle just for rouge.:heart:

    What would you like Santa to bring you for Christmas?
    (Preferably not down the chimney, it's dirty);)
  2. THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh, I have lots I want from Santa right now. However, if Santa feels like bringing me something from Chloe, I would really love a Medium Chocolate Betty or a Python Silverado! Please Santa- I have been such a good girl:graucho:
  4. Ditto on the python silverado! I'm not picky, but I would love a Cognac python silverado! :love:
  5. My dream chloe bag is the grenat box.:yes:
    But I'd happily accept a paddy tote in any dark colour, shold santa drop by with one... And I love the bracelet evening bags :love:
  6. I've been a very good girl as well! :yes: All I want is a rouge paddy, perfect for the holidays!:love::heart::love::heart:
  7. i want a blue nuit loaf, a chocolate and a craie paddy! ha im way too greedy, santa aint gonna give me what i want:roflmfao:
  8. gosh, I dont know, I think I would most love some money for Christmas, as alot of the sales are starting earlier and earlier now, so some gorgeous Chloe pieces that are nicely reduced would be fantastic :yahoo:

    I know its not as romantic as opening an amazing Chloe box on Christmas day :love:, but seeing gorgeous things after at 1/2 price would seriously upset me!!!
  9. Bleu nuit mini loaf or that burgundy-coloured python silverado... um, and world peace :rochard:
  10. ...I wish Santa can find me a sable paddy (any style), I've been a good girl too! :angel:
  11. I wish Santa could find me a mini whiskey edith bouler :love: :drool:
  12. i want the chocolate box! with super smooshy leather.
  13. A craie paddy would melt this girl's heart. Please!!!
  14. a whiskey EDITH!!!!

  15. Hey Zac! I was thinking you already had this one? No?? Its beautiful!
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