All I see is *RED*!!!

  1. congrats, they are gorgeous, is that a jumbo flap?
  2. WOW!! Beautiful. You are QUEEN of RED :yahoo:
  3. Yes, it is the red jumbo flap. I'm very excited about it. It is :heart: LOVELY!:heart:
  4. holy mother of juan! those are gorgeous, almost makes me not want to give up my place in line for the red jumbo! [ i already have new red in med lambskin]..gorgeous! oh and the price on that classic tote is AMAZING! I almost fell off my chair when I heard!
  5. Gorgeous bags! Congrats. =)
  6. beauuuuuuutiful!!!!!! loving the red jumbo. congrats!
  7. Beautiful!!!!
  8. oo-la-la! Red bags are my favorite! Great choices! Please post modeling pics!
  9. Gorgeoussssssssss!!!
  10. What is the price on the Classic Tote?
  11. tPF members are on a spending spree! Love all the new threads and photos. Congrats!!

  12. $1750.00 NM SF has them in stock. Ask for christine.
  13. Wow! Very nice! Red is the new black!

  14. I paid $2225 for the classic tote. And the jumbo flap was $2250. :sweatdrop: