All I see is red (straight from NYC)

  1. Hey guys! I'm kind of new to the forum although I've been a long-time lurker. Anyway, I recently got back from a trip to NYC (it's beautiful during Christmas time). I hit up Canal Street big time!

    Just kidding :yucky:, I went to both the SoHo LV and the 5th Ave LV and splurged just a little :shame:. I'm feeling a bit cheeky so I'm going to begin with a teaser. Enjoy!
    whatisit.jpg snowflakesbox.jpg
  2. ahhhh lets seee those lovely boxes unwrapped lol . :yahoo:
  3. showw !
  4. f5 f5 f5 f5
  5. oh unwrap please
  6. Whip em out!!!
  7. You tease!:p Anything in a brown box has got to be fabulous!
  8. Okay I'll go ahead and post a couple things... I'll save the bigger stuff for last.

    First is the Soupcon GM sunnies and also a Pomme zippy wallet. It's a GREAT wallet by the way. I thought the PTI was good but this one just makes it so easy to stay organized :tup:.

    I apologize in advance for the pictures, I'm not a great photographer so the colors might be a bit off.
    sunnies.jpg zippy.jpg
  9. loveeee them . the wallet is cute . i might just have to go get one lovee the color !
  10. where where
    Lovely things at both stores, but find them kinda of snotty in Soho
  11. Yeah I totally know what you mean! I stood around for awhile waiting for service and as I posted on another thread, I took it upon myself to go into a dressing with a jacket to try on. Well I'll be darned if two seconds later I didn't have two SAs hovering over me. That's one way to do it! :roflmfao:
  12. Love both of your new babies!!
  13. I knew you got sunnies! I recognize the box! :p

    Let's see... based on the other boxes, lemme guess...

    -a belt
    -Keepall 50 Bandouliere
    -Inclusion bangle
    -Mono Charm Bracelet [yellow gold]
  14. Hmm maybe, maybe not John 5 :upsidedown:

    Here's another goody! Unfortunately, the weather in FL lately has made it a bit difficult to wear these without looking a bit ridiculous.
  15. Congrats on your new purchases :smile: