All I know is...

  1. if NY (or Brooklyn) has another black out in this heat-I am packing up my family and heading to Selena's or any other close Pf'er (you watch out too shushopn!)
  2. LOL..
    You can come to Cali Nishi
  3. You could come here too Nishi, its straight across I-90 (about three days)! :heart:

    Hang in there!!
  4. Well-thanks for the offers ladies! I was thinking something a bit closer to home ;)

    I am just concerned-they keep talking about how Con Ed is getting close to it's maximum and there were parts of the city that had somewhat of a black out last night (like the neighborhood 5 minutes away from me!). And, in this heat-I couldn't take it!
  5. I don't live too far away..Virginia! Hopefully you won't have anymore blackouts..the heat is unbearable.
  6. There's been a few blackouts in Chicago, but they were fixed pretty fast. Today the heat broke here, so you can expect some cool breezes in a day or two. :smile:
  7. Oh goodness , thank goodness the heatwave will hopefully be over soon
  8. I hear ya Nishi, I'm in RI. We haven't had a blackout yet, but lots of people lost power last night because of a bad storm and we got more coming tonight!! I just don't want the air conditioner to go off!! THE HEAT IS KILLING ME!!!!!!!!!!
  9. If you really fancy getting away from it - come to the UK - its raining!!!:P
  10. I'm in Indiana and the heat finally's a beautiful soggy rainy day! I love it :smile:
  11. Hee Hee Denise! You know where I be! :smile:
  12. OMG I"m so with you.

    Last week when Staten Island lost power for four hours I threatened my husband with going straight to Atlantic City.
  13. Nishi - You're just a short, well 5 hours, plane ride from California. Come out here. It was maybe 75 degrees today. You can stay with me :smile: We'll kick my husband out and we can shop all day.
  14. I'll join you... I had a 4 hour power loss the other day- and tonight heard of some black out on the East Side. I am crossing my fingers and laying here sweating-- this window unit is not doing it!!!
  15. Hey Nishi I am 3 blocks away from the Pacific ocean in Calif...and its a cool 73 degrees, I have 2 extra bedrooms and wireless!!