All hail to the best vachetta cleaner...Mr.Clean Magic Eraser

  1. I just had to shout out to Mr.Clean Magic Eraser once again....when I got my MC keepall back from my sister today, there were quite a few marks on the vachetta....including one quite dark one on the top pocket...but the eraser got them all yahoo for the magic eraser :smile:
  2. Does the eraser dry out the vachetta?

  3. Magic eraser is our bestest friend :tup::tup: Good as new:graucho:
  4. Hmm sounds like I need to get one.
  5. oh I'll suggest that to my mom. She keeps complaining that her Speedy handles are getting dirty.
  6. It does just a bit, but then I condition it after. It really is amazing!
  7. I agree!!!! I love the magic eraser!
  8. good to know
  9. I used the erasers on most of my bags last week. I went through each one to get them all cleaned up.
  10. What conditioner do you use? Does all of this make the leather darker?
  11. Does it work on other leathers? Epi?
  12. post pictures if you can:rolleyes:
  13. Yeah I remeber they amazing transformation of ur vernis bucket.
  14. What type of conditioner do you use afterward? Thanks for posting! (Would love to see before/after pics too!)
  15. I would have loved to see before and after pics! Congrats on cleaning up your bag!