All Hail the HAC!!

  1. OK, I thought it was time to create a thread for my all time favorite Hermes bag. I absolutely love the HAC, love the N/S profile, narrower base and overall elegant look.

    I am way less knowlegable than many of the gals here, and much less eloquent, but I will try my best! Please don't hesitate to correct me if I get any details incorrect....I know you won't!:p
    Also, I only have and have seen the 32 HAC so my comments will focus there. It also comes in sizes 28 and 36.

    HAC stand for Haut à courroies and is pronounced oh ah koorwah.

    The 32 HAC is taller than the traditional birkin and narrower at the base. The handle drop is not as high as the 30 or 35. The 32 HAC measures about 12.75" long, 10.5" high (not including handle) and 6.5" deep. The handle drop is around 3".

    As a lovely lady on the forum once told me, "when carrying a HAC, the proportions magically transform you and you look taller and thinner." Now who doesn't love that!

    Here are some comparison pix, courtesy of the lovely Flossy, and some additional ones can be found in the size reference guide.



    As of October 2006, the 32 HAC in togo was priced at $7200 but may be more now after the price hike in 2007.

    Frequently asked question

    • Are the shorter handles an inconvenience? I have thin arms but my hands are not small, so I am wondering if the smaller handles are comfortable.

      Also, since the body of the HAC is taller, is it harder to find things in your purse?

    Will post more soon!
  2. [​IMG]

    I am about 5'3" tall and a size 2. Here I am with my 32 HAC rouge vif chevre.
  3. That HAC is TDF!!! The pictures do not do it justice. This beautiful HAC is firey and it glows.
    I love it :heart:33
    Rockerchic you look lovely as always!!
  4. Great thread RC. I really want a HAC 32 one day (sooner better than later in my book)
  5. Love this thread. Thanks, RC :heart: Your rouge vif looks smokin' on you - actually, it's you that's smokin' :p

    I am dying for a 32cm HAC in rouge H box or fjord with PH, or raisin chevre with PH :love: But I'm also falling hard for chocolate box!
    • How does weight compare to other styles?
    I needed a little help getting some of these, but hopefully this is enough to get you started:

    Box - 32 HAC: 2lbs. 2.5oz. (984g)

    Box - 28 Kelly: without strap - 1lb. 9.1 oz. (0.780kg)
    with strap - 1lb. 13.5oz. (0.836kg)

    Chevre - 35 Birkin: 2lbs. 3oz. (0.998kg)

    Togo - 35 Birkin: 2lbs. 13oz. (1.295kg)

    Vache Naturelle - 32 HAC: 2lbs. 8oz. (1.140kg)

    All of the measurements were taken of the bags with the tirette, clochette and standard padlock cadenas (although they might not be that useful on a daily basis, they're still an integral part of the design, after all, right?).
  6. And another piece of eye candy! My MF 32 in Fjord. Heavenly!
    hac 013_1.jpg hac_1.jpg
  7. Thanks Minnie, Fleur and Cristina!
    C'mon gals, run out and get beautiful HACs....hey, wait a minute, I should be saying the HAC is the worst! Don't buy them!!! (Hee, Hee, more for me!:graucho:;))
  8. i love my HAC! too bad, you don't see much of thm around in the store anymore. esp, the 28s! i would love to try that size!

    great thread RC! if there's a thread dedicated to the birkins and kellys - a HAC should have one too!
  9. RC, if you find me one to buy in the store i will buy it!!!
  10. I love, love, love this, ROCKER! Can I add a few pics?????

    Here's a comparison shot of a 28cm HAC vs. a 30cm Birkin.
  11. *Bows down reverently before the HAC*
  12. Here's a body shot of a 28cm black Chevre HAC. I'm 5'3" and 110# about size 2 - 4 (depending).

    It has a slim silhouette against the body and slides easily up the arm without sleeves........