All griets are up in (pics)

  1. monogram, damier and black MC griets are all up on :yahoo:

    personally i love the degrade griet the best.... what do you all think?
  2. I noticed those! I think I like the Damier!
  3. DAMIER!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven't fallen this hard for a bag in a looooooong time!
  4. Damier!
  5. What's the price range on these? I love them!
  6. i agree.... Mirage Griet is still best. Damier Griet is second, but there's something not quite right about the other two.
  7. I love the damier and a white MC one would be nice too!!!
  8. i do not like the buckle strap is shorter on these griets... btw deluxeduck.. do you know if oz has recieved the mini lin croisette yet?? i cannot see them in the
  9. i think the MC is my fav one!!!
  10. i think they have arrived last week. i didn't really enquire about the Cruise Croisettes at all. but i did see them on the website yesterday. they're just below Mini Lin. i might go later this arvo or tomorrow to check out something else. i'll report back ;)
  11. Are these permanent or a limited piece?
  12. I like the damier!
  13. My favorite is still the Mirage, but Damier comes in at a close second. I love the buckle on the griet!
  14. I love the Damier as well!!!
  15. I need one. NOW.