All good things come in twos.. or threes, don't they...?!!!?

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  1. OK, the last week must be a record .. even for me. For some reason I seem to always end up buying two bags at the same time... I didn't buy the 'reveal things' on the same day this time. However, I've managed to buy THREE bags this week! :faint::yahoo::yahoo:

    I'll reveal one now, the other one you know about from another thread (oak Roxy) - but won't get it yet (on layaway). The third is a Chloé HG bag for me - beige python Marcie hobo.. I simply could not let go of the chance getting this, a colour and leather I've been looking for (I'll reveal that later, next week I hope, in the Chloé subforum.)

    And as if this is not enough of a big splurge, last week I HAD to get a little something that was longing for her 'mama':graucho: I'll start with the little cutie..

    Anyone around who wants to guess??

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  2. Oh a live one! Hooray I am rather bored today so this is a treat!
  3. hurray, someone is here:smile:
  4. I will guess a purse, I think maybe a long locked one? Not sure what colour. I will say Oak leopard?
  5. Yes am here, lol, with cup of coffee in hand too!
  6. I'm here too but have no idea what it could be.
  7. a little box:graucho: love these boxes...

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  8. Alexa OL clutch??!!
  9. still no guesses?
  10. I am here. No coffee this time, I drank one cup with the Marjo reveal. :smile:
  11. no, not clutch... although would have loved one..
  12. or pouch :biggrin:! I am so rubbish at this...
  13. But you are right in something, Linnea
  14. Oh hooray!!

    A purse?? xx
  15. OL pouch?