All gold watch ideas?

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  1. I've been really wanting an all gold watch. I have been leaning towards an rose gold patek 24 but was wondering if anyone had other suggestions.

    Gold rolexs remind me of my grandmother.
  2. Can't go wrong with a Patek.
    Is it that you like a rectangular face?
    Cartier American Tank or Francois Tank is nice. Jaeger Reverso.
  3. I agree with you about rolex's. Wish they had something more elegant & womanly.
    I have a Harry Winston rose gold diamond bezel watch that I love. I was looking at a Patek too, wonderful watches.
  4. I feel like everyone and their mother has a cartier tank. I used to like the pasha but it's so big and heavy esp. because i have the wrist size of a 6yo.
  5. I'll take a harry winston diamond any day but they are not known for their watches and i feel the value of a patek will always remain very good.
  6. it might be a little simple for some, but gucci has a gold bangle watch that i have...its beautiful...
  7. You're right they aren't! Christies/Sothebys told me are very "rare" on the resale market & they'd take mine in a second if I tired of it. I won't, it'll go to my niece.
    I love patek too. Just didn't find one I liked as much as my HW at the time I was looking. And the lack of a safety chain on the Patek when I was buying scared me more than anything. Maybe they have them now.
  8. I'm not a fan of most Rolex watches either. I'm a Chopard and Cartier girl. I love love love my 32mm Pasha with removable diamond grid. I'm a bigger girl, and it looks awesome on me.

    I vote for the Tank Francoise or Americanne, or you might look into the La Strada watches from Chopard for a twist on the classic tank design. I like the fact that it is raised a bit. More 3 dimensional looking. I hate watches that sit flat against my wrist. They tend to disappear on me.

    Something you might consider, can you go back and forth between a bracelet and leather strap? I can do that with my Pasha and it makes the look very flexible, and the investment more worth it! I get a new color about every other year, and a brand new look!