All garnets are in clearance!!!!!

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  1. All garnets are in clearance.

    $349.99 for large + 50% off
    $299.99 for small + 50% off

    and the 20% off coupons!!!!!!
  2. STOPPPPPPPPPPPP for real!!!!
  3. O.O!! Where?! At FP stores??!
  4. Eeek! Finally! Time to get myself one! :yahoo: Don't know if I want the Mahogany or the Dark Berry :thinking:
  5. at all the outlets. They said they just marked it down yesterday. Good luck :smile:
  6. yup milpitas has a bunch in berry... and one in mahogany.. which i snatched up since i returned my XL garnet!!

    the large came to about $130!!!
  7. thats insane!!! i paid 160 for my medium mahogony garnet. grrrr
  8. I saw garnets in clearance at my local Macys too,but didnt look at prices. Outlet prices might be better anyways. Im still thinking about that one dark brown Garnet i let go.

    Might have to get it in Florida next week maybe.
  9. I need to get to my outlet asap!
  10. Work needs to HURRY it the F up!
  11. ^^LOL!!:lol:
  12. Ugh, this makes me mad! I got my Garnet at the boutique with PCE and these are still half the price I paid!
  13. Not to be all "math nerd," but wouldn't the large be $140?

    50% of $350 = $175
    $175 - 20% = $140

    I'm mad about paying $183 for my Large Black one, but they didn't have the black ones in clearance at my outlet. Only brown, gold patent, berry, siggy, etc. So I guess I'm just glad I found black at all :biggrin:

    If you see Lg black leather at your outlet in clearance, PLMK so I can be mad! LOL
  14. #14 Jan 27, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2010
  15. Oh, if only they had large purple garnets! Maybe I'll get one in mahogany because I sold a brown bag and need a replacement.