All for the love of a cat

  1. A few years back one of my cats (i now have 6 and a samoyed dog) was chased by a dog and ended up falling into a river, which at the time was at the end of my garden. It was pure luck that i was around when it happened, anyway i panicked as the river has 7 foot flood walls so there was no way she was going to be able to get out by herself. I climbed over the very small wall separately my garden from the drop into the river, anyway i slipped and ended up falling backwards into the river (luckly it was May and it was not very deep) when i picked myself up i realised that i had damaged my ankle or foot, but at the time i was only interested in getting my cat, and she was now further down stream. I ran (do not know how) and grabbed her and managed to make it to the side where there was some over hanging weeds.
    Anyway to try and cut a long story short it took 2 ambulance crews, fire man, police and finally a air ambulance to rescue me the CAT WAS FINE. The first ambulance crew who got to me told my husband (who was trying to get home from work)all i kept on about was the cat and was she alright. The outcome of this story is that i had infact shattered my heel bone very seriously, i had 15 operations but in the end had to accept that it was never going to mend. In June of last year i had my right leg amputeed below the knee and i am just this week hoping to receive my first cosmetic leg that should look hopefully a lot like my other one - I STILL HAVE THE CAT AND LOVE HER SO MUCH THAT I HAVE NEVER ONCE SAID I WISH I HAD NOT GONE INTO THE RIVER TO SAVE HER.:love: my first love is my animals my second is handbags.:lol:
  2. It's great that you saved your cat!! I would have done the exact same thing with any animal. I can't believe they amputated your leg b/c of a broken foot?!! I hope everything works out for you!
  3. It does seems unbelieveable that i lost my leg because of a broken foot but it was much more complicated then i could ever explain on here and if i had chosen to keep my foot i would now be in a wheelchair full time as it would have been impossible to put the foot to the ground. By having the amputation i can now walk again with hardly any pain even though it is not the most comfortable thing at times and with the help of far too much medication.
  4. Sorry to hear about your leg. You're an angel. Cats rule! :smile:
  5. Wow what a story! I would jump in and save my cat as well. Who'd have thought it would turn out like that though, sorry to hear about your leg but it's good you don't regret it!
  6. That's terrible!! I am so sorry about this, and you are a great person saving your kitty's life! I hope you get well soon!
  7. I am literally tearing up right now. What you did was absolutly amazing and heroic. I hope that everything works out for the best.
  8. I love you! Don't even know you but, if you'd go through all of that for a cat, I love ya! I heard a story one day last week... As soon as I got home from work n' turned on the news, they were talkin' about this house that was on fire. The family got out but the family dog was still in the house. I was like, WHYYYY do I have to come home to THIS! Then, the reporter proceeded to say that the 16 year old daughter ran back into the house to get the dog. They both made it out alive. The 16 y.o. was taken to a hospital. I was hoping they'd say what hospital cos I wanted to send a card. I was just so touched by that story as I was by yours. I ain't gonna get too carried away n' make this too long, but I had 6 cats and a dog myself not too long ago. Had a baby, doctors advised us to find new homes for some of the cats. It was hard. Real hard. But, they were given to friends and we still see 'em from time to time. Anywho, you're a beautiful person. God bless!
  9. God bless you, rosie! :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:

    So sorry this was the outcome, though. :crybaby:

    You are truly a saint! :yes:
  10. Wow, I am in shock! You did all that to saver your kitty!!!! How sweet! I bet she is very thankful! I am sorry about your leg! I hope you get everything you want!
  11. What a touching story! That is so amazing what you did for your cat. you are a true animal lover just like me.
  12. That's an incredible story. Your cat is so lucky to have you!!! I wish there were more people like you in this world.
  13. You touched me with your story, I know I would do that for my cats or dog and of course my family! Sorry to hear of the rough time you are having! Those kittys and doggie have a good mommy:yes: lucky animals
  14. Rose, I'm so sorry to hear this! Unfortunately, those calcaneal fractures almost always have complications of some type. Even with fixation the joint is usually going to become arthritic. The calcaneus, or heel bone, is best described as like being an egg. When it breaks it's rarely a clean break and more like a shattering.

    Nevertheless, I'm glad you still have your cat to help you through this trying time. My best wishes are with you.
  15. That´s excellent, your a very good "parent"! That´s exactly what I would have do though too. I love my babies.