All Elux FedEx returns only insured for $100??

  1. I ordered a speedy about two weeks ago, but found it defective (it had a scratch on the vachetta). I called elux and they said they would send a return label to me. I waited for a couple days, but since the label didn't turn up I sent back the speedy via UPS insured for $600.

    Today the label comes in the mail and says that contents are only insured for $100?! What would happen if I used this label and the item got lost in transit? Does this mean that FedEx would only be liable for $100? I know the additional amount in insurance would cause the shipping label to be more expensive to elux ($13 - the amount I paid to insure it) but isn't anyone nervous about returning items this way?
  2. i have the feeling that if something is insured for a high value, it is more likely to "disappear". I think Elux would stand behind it if it didn't show up, or your Credit Card company...perhaps it is a risk they take.
  3. My CC company is Amex who are normally very good with service, but when I asked them what would happen in a case like this they said I would have to take it up with FedEx, and if the item were not insured upto it's correct value they could not do anything about it. This was was prompted me to send via UPS with insurance for the total value.