All Edith Owners Poll

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Edith owners - what are you doing with your bags?

  1. I have one - I'm keeping it

  2. I had one - I returned it

  3. I have one - I'm on the fence about it still

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I'm surprised at the number of Edith owner's that have sent their bags back in the past two weeks. Both in this forum and on TFS. I was hoping that those that ordered and are receiving their Edith's could give a shout out as to if you're keeping your Edith or not. It's never good to spend big money one a bag that you don't love - but it seems like way to many of these babies are being sent back, no? Options are:

    I have one - i'm keeping it

    I had one - I sent it back

    I have one - i'm on the fence

    Feel free to comment on why you didn't love it. The style? The leather? The shape? What about the bag didn't work for you.

    Or what about the bag you love!
  2. I loved my from first sight, I love it even more now.
  3. Ok heres another possible response...

    d) I have one...dont like i want to give it to Jill...who will love and cherish it like I should....! hee! hee!

    Actually,I will be getting one very soon...cant wait!
  4. Can't wait for yours Jill, I am glad you found one!!!:nuts:
  5. Too small and "irregular" shaped to be useful for work (and it looks like a "work" bag)...
    Too briefcase like (as others have mentioned)...
    Handles too short...
    Would have "regrets" as soon as I used it (knew I did not love, why use and then have to sell on ebay?)...
    Too many other "better" (for me) bags out there...
  6. i dont mind it.
  7. And a category e) for "I have one on the way but it has not arrived yet." It is SUPPOSED to be here tomorrow, so I will vote on your poll then! BTW, if anyone gets a chamois in the medium and decides they do not want to keep it, please PM me!
  8. Interesting poll;I have been quite amused by the fact that almost everyone on TFS ordered one,but that most of them went flying straight back to the store!!

    What is amazing though is that net-a-porter and luisaviaroma haven't been posting up any returns at all.

    I think that the returns have probably just been going out again to waitlisted customers...or maybe the bag is a bigger hit in Europe?
  9. I will figure it out today. I am picking up my chamois Edith at NM this morning.
  10. ^^^^Oh great! Can't wait to hear about you Edith and see photo's!

    ^^Me too! That's why I started this poll - I was just shocked about how many people were sending them back. I just didn't get it! (but then again I don't have my Edith yet!)

    Maybe you're right and the bag is more popular in Europe?

    European ladies holler out and let us know what you think of the bag - and if you've seen any in your cities!
  11. Im in London and all stores are sold out of the Edith in Whiskey....they have been here now for about 4 weeks though
  12. There were about 4/5 medium Edith bags in whiskey at Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh last Saturday. Have been there for weeks. Bought one and then returned it as my boyfirend hated it and it didn't really look that great on me.
  13. The SA said it was the best kept secret in the UK as they are sold out in London. Give them a call on 0131 524 8388. Add 44 and drop the 0 from the front of the number if dialling from abroad
  14. I have one and am keeping it.

    Mine arrived twnety minutes ago and I'm HEAD OVER HEELS!!! I adore this bag, the color, the size, the shape, the 70s vibe. I still think I need the Choco one but for now this very minute, I'm super content.
  15. I bought the Whiskey the leather but the style itself didn't do it for me, the height of the bag was too short for me. Then, I bought the black runway Betty...really loved the leather but again returned it, for the price I thought I should be totally in love with it. So, no Chloe in my collection as of yet! :sad2: