All Ebayers Here Please Ban Candylurve

  1. Ebayer Candylurve bought my LV Riveting bag on Friday. he has private feedback so I was wary. No payment of course then today I get this negative
    What a jerk! Why are people so vicious?
    eBay will remove it of course but feedback like this can really make people wonder!
    I have asked eBay to ban him I wonder will they!
  2. WTF??? Why would someone leave feedback like that? How does it help them?!?!

    Wow, eBay sounds so scary sometimes!!
  3. WTF!??! Aw, Im so sorry this has happened to you, Roz.... Im gonna send a warning
  4. :shocked: WTF??? Is she crazy? "FAKE BAG ALL THE WAY FROM CHINA..."

    Sounding such she really know fake bag from China, just wonder if she's a VIP customer of manufacture from China :yucky: she's crazy and I'm sorry you encounter her... You know, sometimes there so many crazy & unreasonable buyers who will claim item as fake to get refund :cursing:
  5. That sucks! I'm sorry that happened. I don't know why people feel the need to do stuff like that. I just blocked her. Looks like she has a few negs, which is probably why her feedback is private. Hopefully eBay will remove her feedback for you. I don't know why they wouldn't, she never paid for the bag and never received it. Good luck with everything!
  6. there is some bad people out there
  7. Account is actually in a mans name, quite a few items were bought by this identity on the same day I was suspicious from the start & emailed another ebayer that was caught for 2 items, she replied she didnt get paid but so far hasnt got the negative.
    Oh I will never know why people are so vicious & stupid, anyone would know that the item was bought late Friday, there would not have been time to pay, receive the item & return it!
    maybe a jealous competitor!
    Noone makes their feedback private unless it is bad, hopefully ebay will permanently suspend this parasite!
  8. Left same FB for everyone they bought from the 10th
  9. blocked!
  10. Wow, I think that person has a real mean streak! Now if I can only figure out how to block a person from bidding....
  11. BLOCKED!!!

    joeyjimmy - to block a person, click on "sitemap" and under "sell" & "selling activities" click on "Block Bidder/Buyer List " and you just type in the ebay user id.
  12. That's so frustrating! So sorry this happened to you.
  13. I just started selling items on ebay..small little things, but wow..scary things can happen out there..