All dressed up and ready for her close-up!

  1. Presenting chocolate Carly! Oh my goodness but the leather on this bag is almost edible, thats how delicious it is!!! The teal patent wallet looks sooo good next to the chocolate leather, and that choc leather wristlet is a piece that I have had from like the 1980's!!! Its in perfect shape. THAT is why I wear only Coach!
    choc carly sig scarf 003.jpg choc carly sig scarf.jpg
  2. That chocolate leather is TDF! I swear I would love to get one of these in large...:love:
  3. WOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! That is HOT HOT HOT! I LOVE it! Great color combo! Congrats on a stunning set:woohoo:
  4. Gorgeous! Everything matches wonderfully! That chocolate wristlet from the 80's was MADE for that bag! Congratulations and enjoy!
  5. Wow, I love how you put everything together ! Amazing how that wristlet matches so well too !
  6. That wallet makes me practically SWOON it's so pretty!! :smile: That set looks great together, donnalynn!
  7. i love chocolate brown and turquoise together!! very pretty
  8. Beautiful! I love the scarf!
  9. Thanks everyone!! I'm having a "jammie day" as we had no errands to run, but I'm almost tempted to get all done up and go out just so I can wear it! I'll probably just continue to wear it from room to room as I've been doing!
  10. donnalynn....I swear you are the BEST at accessorizing your bags. I LOVE every combination of scarves/fobs that you do on your bags! I really want to do my bags too but I just don't have the talent! You are awesome!
  11. OMG that teal looks amazing with your chocolate Carly - I love that color combo!
  12. shes adorable i love the keyfob and the wristlet looks like its in excellent cond.
  13. So pretty...the chocolate looks AMAZING and the teal matches beautifully!
  14. i was wondering when that wristlet came out!! haha-- maybe while i was learning to crawl ; )

  15. She looks gorgeous with that scarf, whoever came up with that print design at Coach should get a raise :smile: