All completely useless..

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  1. Posted my tale of woe a couple of weeks ago..[think the seller has stolen my money thread] and now have the final outcome...

    Paypal - utterly useless.
    Ebay - not much help
    Credit Card company - crap in a swimming pool comes to mind!

    Basically, bought a bag from Ebay.
    Tried to pay via Paypal but seller said acct had been hacked so would invoice me with new acct details.

    Paid for bag but it didn't arrive. Looked on Ebay and the seller no longer registered and listing no longer there (cancelled according to Ebay).

    Raised dispute and claim with Paypal - seller sent bag the day after dispute raised.

    Bag is a fake so contacted Paypal to inform them - changed claim number.
    Contacted Credit card to inform them and waited....

    Paypal say "we're not responsible - as long as you have the item that's all we're concerned with" and closed dispute.

    Contacted Ebay - they say contact seller....
    Seller says they'll refund if I send the bag back. card company call and say they'll only do a chargeback if;
    a) I can provide the original listing
    b) I can provide a letter from the manufacturer on headed notepaper.

    Contact Ebay again to ask if they can provide the, AS ONCE THE LISTING HAS BEEN REMOVED, IT CAN'T BE RECALLED. Ebay tell me to keep the bag and NOT to send it back as the seller is no longer registered so they can't confirm the address etc is real.

    So, I'm stuck with a fake bag and can't provide evidence to the credit card company of the listing or that it's a fake :cursing:

    I know there's the old "buyer beware" but if you are purchasing anything off Ebay and it's a fake (and the seller leaves Ebay) you have NO CHANCE of getting your money back..:police:
  2. OMG this is awful!!! I'm so very sorry. Change CC/banks ASAP!! I can't believe that they aren't standing up for you!!
  3. Does Ebay own the cc company you use 2....they own everything!!! Sorry about this...just so unreal.
  4. I don't know what credit card you used, but this is what I have done in the past. Send the bag back to the address it came from insured and sig required. Once they sign for the delivery get a copy via usps/fedex/ups usually your credit card will then credit you back because you no longer have the item the seller does. Hope this helps
  5. It was a Marks & Spencers & More card. I asked the lady at M&S chargeback team if they would return my money if I did return the bag - and the seller didn't refund me and she said "um..we'd need to look at the case at that point" and would not commit any further so I'm concerned that if I do return it (and have a tracking number etc) they will later turn round and say that as the seller address isn't confirmed, they won't pay out and I'll not only be out of pocket but won't have the anything to show for it. At least I have a fake bag at the moment:s

    The guy at Ebay Live help said I shouldn't return the bag as it was unlikely the seller would refund if I did and they couldn't confirm the seller details once they weren't registered. I asked the seller to send their details via Ebay (so I could check whether the address Ebay did have for the seller is the same but the seller has ignored my e-mail..even though it's through the Ebay dispute console). I don't even have the person's real name - only their Ebay name:tdown:

    I guess if my tale helps one other person from going through the stress I've been through, it'll be worth it as from now on;

    a) I'm going to get a copy of EVERY listing that I bid on (in duplicate!)
    b) Not buy from anyone with less than 250 positive feedbacks
    c) Only use Paypal and if the person has "problems" with their acct - tough, I won't pay (they can contact Ebay and complain if they want - I'm not parting with ANY cash unless I can confirm everything is legit.
    d) Not spend over £50 on Ebay unless I'm 100% sure that the item in the listing is genuine.

    Hopefully then I'll be reasonably safe:hysteric:
  6. Sorry this happened to you. I hope you didnt pay too much. I have an &more card too but I am seriously considering changing to Amex as I have heard so much good stuff about their protection..
  7. Your credit card blows, sorry!!

    I use either Discover or my local bank's Visa for everything, and haven't had a problem yet. Send it back, and if they don't refund, file a chargeback and hope your cc honors it. I think less information is better for the CC companies, so just tell them, I made a return and never got a refund. period.
  8. omg..i cant believe this happen...:wtf:
  9. can you google the auction and see if you can get a "cached" copy of it?
  10. Sorry this happened but i think those are good rules to live by.
  11. Very true!
  12. Sorry this happened to you. I had something similar, bought some boots, ebay removed the listing and told me not to pay as someone had hacked into the sellers account and were selling them fraudulently. I'd already paid via paypal. Raised a claim with paypal immediately. The boots turned up a few days later (from Hong Kong whereas the listing said they were in the UK) and were blatant fakes!

    To cut a very long story short, about 2 months later, and after many, many emails back and forth, paypal ruled in my favour, refunded me what I'd paid and I was still left with the fake boots as I had no address to return them to!

    It's SO frustrating that people can be so untrustworthy!
  13. This sounds like a good idea! I'm so sorry that there is no good resolution for you as of yet. Think positive(although this truly sucks!) and after you do a simple chargeback with you silly cc company. give them the boot and get one that will work for YOU if something happens.

    I really wish you good luck with this and please keep us posted.:heart:
  14. Sorry I didn't respond - was away in Barca for a few days :beach:(where I bought a lovely Tous Bag and some Hermes goodies so that cheered me up:rolleyes:)

    The "seller" didn't respond to my request via Ebay for their address so I guess they wouldn't have refunded either. I asked Ebay if they had an address for them but all they provided was a telephone number and I'm not getting into a shouting match down the phone (especially as they have my full name and address now - don't fancy getting anything else nasty through the post:death:)

    I'm putting it down to bad luck and will get rid of the CC ASAP.
  15. That's terrible! Paypal should take more responsibility for one thing. Why not contact them and remind them coounterfeiting is a federal offence and they are essentially acting as an accomplice to a crime if they allow fake bags to be traded through their network?