All Chanel lovers!


If you could only have one Chanel bag, which one would it be?

  1. Classic Flap bag in caviar

  2. Classic Flap bag in lambskin

  3. Reissue

  4. Tote

  5. Any handheld bag

  6. Limited Edition "Hearts" bag

  7. Other

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  1. If you could have only ONE Chanel bag, which one would it be??? What color leather? What color hardware? Why?

    (1) Classic Flap in caviar leather
    (2) Classic Flap in lambskin
    (3) Reissue
    (4) Tote
    (5) Any hand-held bag
    (6) Limited Edition "Hearts" bag
    (7) Other
  2. I would choose the Classic Flap bag in caviar in black with silver hardware...I just think it is so timeless! :love:
  3. A caviar tote, of course! Black, with gold hardware :amuse: :P

    But I don't think I could ever choose just one. I really want a large caviar classic flap in beige or white with silver hardware :love:
  4. Christina, I love your tote! It is gorgeous! I was a classic flap in caviar, too. I would want it in black though. I can never get enough black...*sigh* :biggrin:
  5. Thank you! :shame: I am carrying it today. The classic flap is stunning, no matter what color! :love:
  6. I would choose a classic flap in black with silver hardware - caviar is beautiful, but I think I love lambskin more, so it would be black lambskin. Or maybe red, the dark red lambskin is tdf...
  7. Me too. I will choose classic flap in lambskin in dark red. Though I love caviar but lambskin has been growing on me lately.
  8. For me it's easy.....the Re-issue in the small Black or the Medium Grey.
    I'm not a big fan of the caviar leather because it's too stiff for my liking...I LOVE the distressed leather of the re-issue - it makes the bag look less "formal" but one can still wear it dressed up. That's one of the things I love about it!
  9. Option #1. I like how the cavier leather is more durable and the flap bag will never go out of style. Unfortunately, it will be awhile to I own one. :sad2:
  10. Classic caviar :smile:
  11. Totally agree - I want that one so badly! I am going to try and persuade DH to get that for my Bday.:amuse:
  12. Just ordered the beige medallion tote w/gold hardware. Comes tomorrow. Can't wait to see it IRL!
  13. I know that I'm biased but I still would pick the Reissue 2.55 in large grey. The large size makes it edgy and chic. The grey makes it unique since you can always buy the other styles in black or white but none will be in that shade of grey.
  14. Do they still sell it? I thought it was limited edition? I may be wrong though! How much does small and medium retail for? Does anyone know???

    Thank you!
  15. I'd pick the reissue -- I'm partial to the thinness of it; less bulk