All Bombay Stores Are Closing 20-40% Off

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  1. All Bombay stores are closing. :crybaby:
    The entire store is 20-40% off. I'm sure they will reduce things more as time goes by.
  2. Nice post...sad they are closing.
  3. Oh wow...any word how long it'll take them before it's totally gone?
  4. There website it no longer working either...:sad:
  5. I didn't realize that. I should have known something was up when they stopped accepting their own credit card.
  6. I'd say you have a month or two. After the holiday season I think they will be done. They have been having problems for a while. My guess though they want to sell everything off by Christmas because after that they won't have much of a chance.

    Anyway thats my opinion.
  7. aww, i like that store too! some of the home stuff is really cute.
  8. Wow, I didn't know that! I really liked those stores. How sad.
  9. yeah that sucks..
  10. Feels like the end of an era. When I was single and moved into my first apartment all by myself some of the first furnishings I bought came from Bombay Co. Still have a Bombay mirror hanging in my front hall. Wonder if it was the super-cheap furnishings at stores like TJMaxx and Marshall's which destroyed their sales or the general flood of similar stuff from China.
  11. That is sad. That store reminds me of my childhood. My Mom really liked their stuff.
  12. I always loved their furniture and I can't believe they are going out of business. They only carried quality furniture- not the ones that you have to spend hours to build on your own. Actually, I think Bombay is the first store that I fell in love with when I came to America 10 years ago...
  13. Are the sale prices really good???
  14. last week when i went, everything was marked off 20-30% so nothing crazy yet but i'm sure in the weeks to come, things will drop down to 50% or more. just keep checking and i'm sure the nice ladies here will post updates.