All-Black Paddington Cross-Body on!!!

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  1. I would love to see this on someone to see how it looks on! Great deal!
  2. I got it, its on its way. Thanks for the tip. I have two Paddy Satchel's but wasn't that familiar with this style--for the price I had to give it a try.
  3. Its back up again on, anyone know if the cross-body is made in different sizes, this one says 7 1/5 H x 13 1/5 w, there is another one on for $1800 but it is 13 1/5 h x 13 1/5w.
  4. This bag still reminds me too much of a camera bag!
  5. I love this bag - congrats
  6. Congrats, I lovieeeeee mine. :love: It has ended up one of the most versitile bags I have ever owned. I really bought it on a whim because of the great price and I have ended up carrying it a vast majority of the time. Sometimes with the strap (used as a shoulder bag) yet, mostly as a satchel/shoulder bag. I love the discreet pockets on the outside for easy access to my car keys, cell phone, agenda,papers etc. I know you will get tons of use out of it!