All Black Chanel Everything...

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  1. So I just bought my third Chanel, a black XL GST w/ SHW.
    My previous purchase was a black Caviar Maxi Flap w/ SHW.
    My very first purchase was a vintage black XL tote with GHW.

    I don't know why I gravitate towards black!!! I didn't even realize it until I bought the GST :sad:

    I was excited at first but now I feel like my collection is boring. :hrmm: I want to sell one and replace it with a colorful one but I don't know which one!!! Any ideas on which one I should replace ladies? :confused1::shrugs:

    Here's a group shot.. Thank you in advance!!

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  2. I would sell tote and keep the classics.
  3. I agree with selling the vintage tote. I would definitely keep the classics
  4. I agree with the other posters - sell the vintage tote.
  5. Thank you ladies! I thought for sure trade out the maxi flap but I guess the vintage would be a better choice. Should I replace for another flap in a different color or maybe another gst?
  6. ^ depends? Do you love the GST and use it often compared to your flap bags? If so, they get the gst in color. if not, that a colored flap bag.
  7. I also agree with selling the vintage.
  8. Sell the vintage. Get a beige or red next!
  9. Yup, sell the vintage! A reissue perhaps?
  10. Yup sell vintage and buy a red, it'll standout in ur collection!
  11. Like u almost my entire collection is black. I don't regret it because I am sure years later black is always a good bag. My mom got a black bag almost 8 years ago and now I use it and it still looks so stylish and trendy!
  12. Keep the stunning classics!
  13. Do you have to sell one? Black is so classic and works well with everything. Your collection is far from boring IMO. I would keep these and maybe buy something more colourful later on down the line? Honestly, boring is not the word to describe these beauties.
  14. Great classic collection. All your bags serve a different purpose.

    I'd keep what you have until you see something you love more. Look around, sometimes the the grass is just greener and the thought of a new bag to play with can be irresistible.

    As anything struck your fancy recently that has made you consider swapping one of the pieces in your collection.
  15. Your collection is lovely however I would keep them all and add a pop of color by adding a new Chanel bag to the collection, if possible. If you need to sell one, my vote would be the vintage tote.