All BH & BV owners...

  1. On the BH & BV arent the desings on the sides of the canvas supposed to line up with the designs on the panel next to it???
    Heres 2 elux pics
    [​IMG]This is how mine looks

    [​IMG]I saw one being carried by someone in a restaurant that looked like this...designs didnt line up.

    I always thought they should line up?:confused1::confused1::confused1:
    p10885615_ph_hero.jpg p10885631_ph_hero.jpg
  2. hi rica! i thought they always lined up. i can't check my bag anymore since i sold it recently (not loving the bh anymore- thinking of getting a mono lockit horizontal).
  3. Both my BH and BV are like the second picture.
  4. Mine lines up but not all the way. Hope that helps.
  5. Mine on the BH aren't totally off but they aren't perfect either.
  6. ok, thanks ladies! i always thought they should line up....guess i was wrong
  7. hi! long time no hear...the lockit is nice..which size are you thinking of getting??? i love my BH, its my throw around bag. I use it when we travel...i used it recently to singapore. went to the zoo in the rain and would you believe no water stains ( i used apple garde on it when i first got it ).
  8. where do you get the apple garde at?
    The apple garde is for the vachetta only right? I want to get the cleaner but does it work on yours?
  9. Not all bags line up perfect! Because of the shape they just can't.
  10. My Bh's sides line up real close. Don't know if that helps but I hope so!:supacool:
  11. I ordered mine online and had a relative bring it here (im from the philippines). do a search on it on this will find lots of info:tup:
  12. I have the BH and they don't line up either, not that it takes anything away from the bag! :drool: