All Azur owners! Do you feel azur is a substitute for a white bag?

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  1. So, I've been wanting a white bag for ages. Initially, I dreamed of pure, snow white, than ivory, than I realized that with the rate of handbag destruction, the virgin colour is not gonna last very long, unless it's Nylon Prada or Longchamp, something washable anyway. And than I saw some lovely pictures of Azur (especially Saleya) and thought "hmm... it's Louis Vuitton, but it's quite descrete, it's very light colour and canvas doesn't require the same amount of supercare as leather. Plus, it would be much cheaper than any leather bag of the same "standard" if you know what I mean. so here are some questions for all of you lovely Azur owners:

    1) Do you feel like Azur pattern is a good subsitute for pure white? Does it go with a lot of things or do you find the pattern destruptive to printed tops, coats etc?

    2) Does it get dirty easily? Is it easy to clean if it does?

    3) What do you find is the best shape for azur: speedy 30, Noe or Saleya MM or Saleya PM?

    Thanks in advance! :heart:
  2. 1) Yes -- I hope to get my Azur bag for summer very soon (waiting for Saleya PM to restock at my store)

    2) Coated canvas is easy to clean, but as with any valuable bag, be careful

    3) In my opinion, Saleya PM
  3. 1) No. It's not as pure white or ivory as I would like it to be. It does look great with bright, neutral, to very dark colors.

    2) Azur canvas is no different than any other LV canvas. It's durable and easy to clean.

    3) I like all the styles, so I will be no help in this category.
  4. Yes, I think its a great sub for a white bag. I'm finding that a plain white bag just isnt me. I'm scared of the white B-bag that its just going to get too dirty. The azur has just the right amount of color to not color it a colored bag IMO.

    I think its perfect :smile: and looks AMAZING with dark colors.
  5. i dont think it is the perfect substitute for a white bag, but with fub colored tops, coral, and jeans or skirts it looks fab.

    I think the best is the speedy is the best, i am a little biased since i have one!
  6. i def prefer azur than a snow white bag... for me a super white bag is a bit plain for me =P
  7. I think it's a great substitute for a white/creme bag and it would be my preference to get one for that reason. For me personally a speedy would be my preference or a saleya.
  8. Sometimes I need a fully white bag but the Azur can be an ok substitute every so often.
    As for the dirt issue, it wears like monogram canvas, dirt (if any) will wipe right off.
  9. I consider it my "white" bag. I own the speedy 30, but I personally like the saleya pm the best.
  10. I love white bags, so I don't think it's necessarily a "substitute" for one, but it's definitely a great summery light-coloured bag that matches with a lot. It's really easy to clean, just wipe with baby wipes. So far I haven't noticed much dirt, other than on the handles. I love the shape of the Speedy in azur, it's what got me into the LV boutique!
  11. I use my Saleya GM and MM as summer bags and do consider them "white". I have never had to clean the bags and I throw them around everywhere...I just don't ever see dirt or markings!! I love Azur!!
  12. 1) i don't think it's a substitute for pure white b/c there's blue in it..if you want white, you should just get a white bag. It goes with a lot of things i wore it with a black vneck sweater, lavender tank and khaki pants. I like to wear it with blues, pink, and white tops with dark/light jeans or khaki..or grey pants.

    2) it is canvas so it doesn't get dirty easily. If there is dirt easy to wipe off. Only "maintenance" is vachetta.

    3) speedy is more casual I think..Saleay MM or PM is good for office, if that is what you are looking for, but speedy is too (I work in a bank and I love my speedy's)..but it depens on your office setting. Noe is casual weekend shopping/going away to cottage bag.

    just some of my opinions....:supacool:
  13. I consider it my "white" bag as well. I love my speedy 30 and get many compliments on it. It wipes off easily...I even got denim on the back and it wiped off with some Dawn dishwash liquid and water. I'm very, very happy with mine.
  14. Ooh, I think Azur looks great with purple!

    Heres me from earlier today wearing my Azur Speedy 25 with a purple top.

    I think Speedy 25 is the the best style for Azur.
  15. I don't think its a white substitute, but it does look nice with lots and lots of things. I have no trouble wearing it.
    Yes, the canvas does clean easily, watch the vachetta though.
    I like the Speedy and Saleya best.
    If you want an all white, durable LV, how about an Ivorie Epi Speedy? Epi cleans well with baby wipes... just a thought.