All-American Girl

  1. Yet ANOTHER one of those great shows that was cancelled too early!

    I remember watching it long before I knew who Margaret Cho was and just thinking the show was hilarious! I was in eighth grade at the time, and I remember making sure my homework was completely finished so I could enjoy it every week.

    The concept was interesting and it was based on her life: A Korean girl living in LA with her traditional family, and their expectations of her. I love Margaret Cho, I loved the woman who played her grandmother, I love the fact that B.D. Wong was on the show, and I love seeing an actress portray her mother. (Margaret Cho did the funniest impressions of her mother in her stand-up shows.)

    (Fun fact . . . the final episode was a pilot episode for a replacement series that was never picked up. Mariska Hargitay played a waitress in a bar.)
  2. It’s interesting watching the DVDs, because in I’m The One That You Want, Margeret tells the story of her getting the show, and the network having a meeting about her weight, and how she lost so much weight. She lost it so fast, though, that she wound up with kidney failure when the show was finally cancelled after
    one season.

    If having a problem with her weight wasn’t enough, critics had a problem with her not acting ‘Asian enough’ which led the network to hire an Asian consultant. Then they dropped all the Asian character, leaving her to stand out. Then she was accused of acting ‘too Asian.’