All all LVs symmetrical?

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  1. I've been browsing a lot of Facebook resell groups, and a lot of established resellers sell LVs that are a little off - like the patterns match well, but not perfectly. I have always though LVs were practically perfect....
  2. Definitely not perfect. I've had a few bags that I deemed not perfect and if I hadn't bought them directly from LV I would have thought they were good fakes. I had a totally where the canvas wasn't cut straight by the zipper and I have a few speedy b's where the piping on the ends are wiggly.
  3. It's supposed to be perfect. But there seems to be a new normal where pieces are being passed in quality control.
    Back in the day LV stood proudly behind the symmetry.
    Like when my Neverfull canvas didn't line up on the side they were embarrassed and exchanged the bag for me no questions asked. They are bit more sloppy now and you have to do most of the quality control yourself before you buy. But it's also very individually handled, depending on the person you go to speak to if something is off. Just check yourself in store and take the time it takes!