All about WHITE Chloe

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    Please post pics and info about your white/cream Chloes here.

    PICS ONLY please, NO chatter
  2. Here's my craie you all have seen but in different lightnings; :love:

    (and sorry for psoting so many photos but I couldn't resist as I love this colour :shame: )
    craie 057.jpg craie 011.jpg Kärkkäinen 012.jpg craie 025.jpg craie 076.jpg
  3. Beautiful craie, sonja! I just love the paddie in the 'white' colors ... I think that it is a stunning color! Here's my blanc '06 paddie, the group shot is in natural lighting:
    DSC_0017.JPG DSC_03021.JPG
  4. happily obliging with a pic of the sable paddy (more in my sig link too)
    i think of it as a flesh tone..

    for me, because it's not actually white, i've had no issues with it getting dirty, but i am fairly careful with it anyway (it only sits where i would sit myself)
    tho i've got some apple care and apple garde for the day it needs it...

    but i love it as an ideal neutral match-anything colour =)
  5. Here's a pic of my '06 Blanc/Ivory paddy (in natural light):


    I've seen the '06 Creme, and while the Blanc looks a bit like buttermilk, the '06 Creme is deeper and richer and looks like whole evaporated milk -- no, scratch that. it looks like very pale cafe au lait. Hope that helps! :flowers:
  6. Here is a picture of my Blanc. Hope it helps!

  7. Sable 05- light crème w/ pink undertones[​IMG]
  8. [​IMG]

    05 Sable Paddy:girlsigh::love::tender:
  9. Here is my addition 06 blanc (but it really looks more like ivory)
    DSCN4317.jpg DSCN4321.jpg
  10. 05 craie...some days I think she's sable though...:shrugs:
    bag2.jpg bag4.jpg
  11. You did lb - possibly here, at NAP:

    this one:
    white chloe NAP.jpg
  12. Hi gals,
    Sorry for the late reply... huge time difference here~:p
  13. Nice thread!!
    I'm not adding anything new, but it's a short period we're together, so.. here's my 06 blanc Paddy:girlsigh:
    And also if I'm a real disaster with white things,I had absolutely no problems!
    chloè 002.jpg
  14. I finally got my hands on a Blanc06. Here's her photo:smile:
  15. hmm.... mine's originally from Aloha Rag