All about tri-color Kelly's

Jul 31, 2007
I tried doing a search but could not find a thread all about tri-color Kelly's.

I want my next H to be a souple Kelly, but Im still deciding on the size (28 or 32) and color (beige, biscuit, poussiere OR maybe a tri-color).

I know I can't afford an exotic, so just a regular leather like Togo.

I would like to know

1. How do you go about ordering one?
2. What are the limitations as far as colors and leathers?
3. How specific can you be?
4. Would they be able to quote you the price ahead of time so you have an idea how much it would cost?
5. Time frame on how long it would take?

Some of you might cringe at this, but Im really into rasta colors (red, green & yellow) so I was thinking of a tri-color Kelly in those colors. But I was thinking deeper richer shades as opposed to bright shades.

I would love all your input and opinions. Especially on the color options. TIA