all about the Clifton!

  1. I really would like to know all about your clifton, how you like it, colour transfer or other problems etc!
  2. I bought this instead of the Celine Trio (regular size). Its literaturally the same size and idea (e.g. the 3 compartment). Its like a Trio with a flap. Anyways, great leather and well made but the flap gets annoying.
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  3. Also to add, it gets bulky if you overload it. Somehow i still prefer the Celine Trio seems
  4. Hi, I'm curious to how your Clifton has worn over the years? I've been on the fence about this bag for a while. I love the Celine trio, however, I can't justify the purchase with all the issues (delicate lambskin, not great wear and tear, high price and not excellent resale value). The Clifton seems to be the best of the trio minus the cons; however, I doesn't seem popular at all - barely any reviews online, and no bags available on the 2nd hand market, so I'm hesitant to purchase.