All About the Bow Satchel

  1. thanks for ur information!
  2. Thanks Vinyl for answering my question! Your so sweet!

    Have you seen the SUGHERO bow? I haven't heard of problems with that color, and I must say.. if there wasn't an alluminio.. I would of settled for that color. I really want a brown bag! I'm currently lusting the Marc Jacobs Dr Q Grooveee bag I think that's what it's called.
  3. Yes! I have seen the Sughero from other members' pics. That's another option, but I know for sure I love Moro over Sughero. Thankfully, Sughero is available at Saks last time I checked (earlier today), so I'm not so worried about it yet.

    We have the same tastes in bags -- I have drooled over the MJ Dr. Q Groovee bag as well! Look here for the mouse gray color I lusted after!! What a beauty. :drool:
  4. i am desperately searching for this bag. saw it months & months ago for the first time...fell in love and should have bought it then. saw it in a white/greyish color and its a great style. sigh. saw it on sat in a light purple on sale at plaza too. almost bought it but realized i would not use it in that color as much as a neutral.

    anyone know where i can find this bag in a normal color!!

    please please let me know!!!!
  5. mere, what color are you looking for?
  6. anything but a purple and i don't want to do black. i just bought 2 valentino black bags. but i love the white/grayish or the tan. just something neutral. the bag is so pretty!!
  7. Are you talking about the alluminio? If you are, it's VERY, VERY! HARD TO FIND. But you might want to reconsider, hence: the bag has alot of problems & issues.

    And the pink/MUGHETTO bow is also RARE.
  8. i know its so sad

    i really should have bought it when i saw it a few months back in the color i wanted

    the lt purple on i saw on sale was for $599 but i mean its a hard color to pull off so i passed. i'm gonna call my Nordstrom SA's and see if they can track one down for me.

    i'm assuming miu miu is not making more of these for upcoming seasons? yes i've read about the problems so maybe it is a good idea. perhaps it just isn't meant to be!
  9. I would also love to find one in the alluminio but I know that is almost impossible...but if anyone knows where I can find one..please please please PM me :smile:
  10. Wow thank you Vinyl sooo much for this thread. :flowers: I know all the bow lovers out there appreciate it and I hope you find your perfect bow for you soon. Like I have said before Bow lovers unite!
  11. Carmen, I'll put you on my list of tPFers who want to be contacted if I do spot a alluminio :girlsigh:

    But it's REALLY HARD TO FIND and I'm trying to find one myself since my bow is having so many problems. I'm calling my SA later and asking her to find me a new one, I'll let you ladies know if I find anything out!
  12. thanks for sharing.. Im thinking of gettin a bow myself but scared since I saw annaversary's posts abt her bow..but i guess after reading this posts.. Im stil going to get one.. I do hope Miu Miu will be able to fix this issue soon.. For a 1k plus bag the quality should be the best right!
  13. Thanks so much annaversary! I'm so sorry you've been having sooo many problems with your bow :sad:
  14. Love this thread! I hope Miu Miu keeps releasing the bow in new colours! BTW the dark-blue is called Zaffiro, I got one and that's what it says on the tag. :yes:
  15. This is a great thread. I didn't know that it's only the second season of bow satchels. I will definitely get one in future. I'm thinking about the graphite but I still need to see it in person first.