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    Please post photos of your bag here, also try and include as much info w/ it as possible for others to reference; price, color, style, etc . . . This thread is to serve as a resource for everything about the Tekla style!

    PICS ONLY please, NO chatter
  2. Courtesy of, here is the Tekla Shoulder Bag in a washed lambskin. It retails for $1935 (dark brown, mettalic black and red)
  3. Ok, So I can't find my camera (I just moved!) but I found this pic of her at Neimans:


    Chocolate goodness! Yummy! :heart:
  4. Hi,
    I just ordered the Tekla from NAP... in black with the dark brown handles... I just love this bag.. I can't wait to have it in my hands.. I have been reading what was said in this thread and you convinced me.. with all the words like butter, soft , yummy .....
    I don't see a lot of discussion for this bag.... I guess it's more exclusive than the Paddy... Does anyone has this bag ??
    Here is the picture from the NAP site :

    [FONT=arial,helvetica]WASHED LEATHER TOTE[/FONT]

    chloe 2.jpg
  5. Hi,
    I just received the Tekla today... :love:
    I LOVE IT ... It's completely different from the pictures on the NAP site.
    see below :
    The leather is amazing ...
    I am keeping it !!!:heart:
  6. Here is my pics :smile:

  7. I am not keeping this Noir Tekla, but I will post pics for reference. It's actually a metallic black.
    Tekla front.jpeg Tekla back.jpeg Tekla tags.jpeg
  8. Here are pictures of my chocolate Tekla (retail $1935, sale $677), and a picture I got from NM's website.
    IM000763.jpg IM000765.jpg IM000766.jpg IM000769.jpg NMV8815_ex.jpg
  9. that reminds me, i was going to post pics hehe

    from bluefly:

    smaller version w/o shoulder strap

    tekla tote
  10. Pics of my Tekla
  11. Here is my Tekla ImageUploadedByPurseForum1403351682.924592.jpg
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