ALL about Smoky eyes!

  1. I tried to do it by myself a couple of times but i always looked like somebody punched me in the face.:shame:
    Do you ladies have any suggestions or tricks? How do you do it????:confused1:
  2. what colour do you usually use for smoky eyes?
  3. try to find a celebrity who has really similar eyes to yours... you know, same shape, size, colour and get a bunch of their photos and copy their makeup.
  4. don't pack on too much e/s at one time, you can always add some, but if it's too much you gotta take off the whole thing... and blend as if there was no tomorrow :P some e/s colors are better to blend than others, not to speak of brands...
  5. once you line your eyes.. go around and on top of it with your eyeshadow.. and then fill in the lid.. if that makes sense..
  6. Mac makes a brush that is awesome for a smoky eye. I forgot the number but if you ask at the counter they will be able to tell you what it is. I could not do a proper smoky eye until I had it! I think the tools are sooooo important and like someone else said BLEND BLEND BLEND! I use mac eyeshadows as well! If you go to a Mac counter they can teach you. I swear by Mac!
  7. I agree with Syntagma, Tools are the most important key to smoky eyes, You don't have to brush on too much black eyeshadow on your lids, though it works for some people, go to Mac...take your time and ask for a good color to use for this, I suggest Cranberry It's a maroonish red...really nice, really is warm and would look great under black eyeliner and long lashes...
    Or "Contrast velvet" its a dark blue that looks a bit purple in some light do the same with adding inside black kohl or at your bottom lids all around your eye...I use this alot!
    Also there's "Bronze" which is an everyday brown for me but it really makes my eyes glow darken it around the lids and put some "Nylon" highlighter shadow under your brows...
    Also I suggest Chanel Intamable mascara its wonderful! I hope I helped but all this really works for me and a lot of people I suggested it too...I hope it does for you :smile:
  8. Thank you soooo much for all your answers! Now i will definitely go to mac and ask there. I always tried it with black eyeshadow and like i said i looked like i had been beaten up:lol:

    I think i don't have the right tools for it! Do i need anything else except a good brush???
  9. Hiya,

    pasting this in, it's from a reply to someone else who asked me, smoky's my signature evening look and I even chance it sometimes in the day:smile:


    use fine face powder or a neutral flesh-toned eyeshadow as a base, to allow the dark powder to glide on smoothly and blend well - otherwise the dark powder can cling to the skin (doubly so with oily skin, or if you use eye creams);

    re the above, use a shimmery (eg high in mica) eyeshadow for night-time use, a more matte one for daytime/natural light;

    for truly dark shadow near the lashline, powder alone won't cut it - use a kohl pencil (L'Oreal's automatic twist-up plastic pencils are excellent) and then powder over that with dark grey/brown eyeshadow - avoid black unless you're very young/brave;

    look at the colour tones on the veins inside your wrist and use them as your guide if you're choosing a purple, blue or brown shade - they reflect your skin tone and the dark shades that will sit well on it;

    avoid heavily pearlised eyeshadows unless you have no wrinkles, 'coz it'll highlight them;

    gently pull your eyelid taut by placing your little finger at the side of your eye and pulling just enough to smooth the skin when applying liquid or pencil eyeliner;

    always go for a lighter effect in daylight than in artificial light;

    be aware that cost is not the most important factor when it comes to eyeshadow - unlike foundation, some budget brands are great, with strong pigments;

    have a night at home with a bottle of wine/lots of herbal teas, a big bunch of moisturisers, and experiment your head off to your favourite tunes;

    and finally, never skimp on mascara - un-mascara'ed lashes look very sad on heavily shadowed eyes.

  10. ^ wooohoooo

    GREAT response will try that
  11. WOW Chandi!! Great tips!! Thanks:smile:
  12. Yup--make sure to do somewhat dramatic mascara, or otherwise it looks "off"
  13. OMG Chandi... thats some great info!!:yes:
  14. Thanx ladies, very glad I was helpful!:wlae:

    Other tips - go for lightly glossed or matt lips and avoid pearlised peach, pink or orange unless you want to look like a Barbie doll/Stepford wife crossover :wtf: and stick to natural flesh, blood or berry tones for lip shades.

    My work here is done. ;)

  15. I don't go for black or greys for an every day smokey look. According to my skin tone, blues, purples, and greens look well. Now before you picture a discoloured bruise lol its a totally wearable look for everyday. I swear by Laura Mercier. I have their eyeliner that you wet the brush and apply close to the eyelids. I do this by pushing up my eye lashes and dabbing a line between my lash line. I also do a faint line from the outside of my eye to mid way, because I have smaller eyes. then I take a lighter purple, smudge from the outside lid out, and then hint at the corners with this darker purple. I also highlight my lower line with the darker purple. Its very subtle because it doesn't have metallic in it. With smudging it looks and feels great. Its all about the colours, placement, tools and substance.